Writing Samples

 I am just realizing that people don't see exactly what I see of my blog.  Apparently, my Writing Samples page is only showing a small amount of the samples I have put up on the blog.  
Hopefully, I have found a fix.  I have decided to post each sample as a blog post and then provide a link on this page to the old post.  So, now all you have to do to find the sample you are wanting to read is click on the link.

Introduction of Angel Moran
This sample is a very short introduction of a possible new character.  I wrote it for a friend who asked if I'd ever consider putting her into one of my books.  

White's Point of View for Color Me Grey
This sample is two chapters long.  It is a retelling of the first three chapters of Color Me Grey from White's point of view.  I hope you enjoy it.
Liar's Corner 
This sample is a short story about a fishing trip I took with my family.  It has some humor and a lot of complaining from a a "fair weather fisherman."

Possible Chapter One of Book Four
This sample is one of the first chapters I've written for the fourth book.  It was fun to write, but I do think it will probably go away because I do have at least two others that I like better. 


 I don't know if this will go anywhere, but I've started a new story.
The main character's name is Elizabeth James and she's a bit of a rebel and bad girl - just a bit, though.

Elizabeth felt the breast pocket of her jacket.  The package was still secure in its hiding spot.  It would pay her way into a comfortable life for at least a year.
The city lights and sounds were distant as she stood on the rooftop.  The urgency of the day had died down.  Yet, the city didn’t come alive until long after the sun set.  Most people were safe in their beds at her preferred hour, but this was when the real world stuck its neck out.  The night dwellers were truly alive and not just drones.  Sometimes the drones ventured into the darkness but they always returned to the sun.  Elizabeth lived most of her life among those drones but it was the blanket of night that made her the most comfortable.
Her head clear and her nerves in check she ran for the edge and jumped.