Monday, October 8, 2018

Homestead Adventures

Some of you already know I home school my two younger daughters. Those of you who didn't know this know it now.

We recently joined a home schooler's group where the girls can get some socialization and I can also socialize with other home schooling parents. We also try to make all our get togethers educational for the kids.

My family was privileged to host the group at our house a couple of Mondays ago and we had so much fun. We started out by showing off our animals. We keep chickens, geese and rabbits. The cats, all five of them, keep us. Then we walked around the garden. It's very late in the season, so the only things we had to show were some dried beans and sunflowers. Then we walked out into the field and happened across three baby snapping turtles.

I thought it was too late in the season for turtles to be hatching, so I let my girls pick them up and bring them home. We considered holding them until next spring and did a little research on them. If we were going to keep them, we didn't want to harm them. We looked up what they ate and, in the process, found out they hatch from August through October. This sealed the deal and we released them two days later. They would have a much better chance at survival if we left them alone.

Honestly, I don't know if that's true, but at least they'd learn how to live in the wild if they survived rather than having to learn months later when we finally released them. I hope they survive, even though having snapping turtles in our pond isn't a desirable outcome. We don't swim in our pond because of the turtles. They can be very aggressive and they certainly have a formidable bite.

Still, the babies are stinking cute! We took a video of them before we released them.

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