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Featured Book - Land of Seekers

Land of Seekers
Triveen Nair

Jaipur, India – The author Triveen brings out the best and worst in people in this period novel, with detailed sketch and decisive events shaping the subcontinent in “Land of Seekers” (published by Partridge Singapore). Having lived a significant part of his life in some of the places where the narrative evolves, he weaves a web of intrigue around his four main characters and keeps you on the edge with cunningly laid plots, without losing the high pace set as a thriller.
To each their own, these travelers are drawn for different reasons to visit India. Set in the year 1766 A.D., far from what they seek from the subcontinent, they become unsuspecting pawns in the larger intrigues of Royalties and their wily lieutenants. With gold amassed from almost 3000 years of trading with Europe and China these kingdoms burst at the seams with wealth ripe for picking, but only if they can get the Kings out of the way. Pitting rulers against each other for a slice or even the whole pie to plunder, are the British and the French off the Kerala Coast.
While the book starts from locations as far as Zanzibar and London, the real happening which shapes the future of the subcontinent is being scripted by The English under Robert Clive in the North East and the royal state of Mysore with its wily half breed defector ruler in the South West of India. When the strikingly beautiful Chitral girl loses all of her family it is her father’s bodyguard from Malabar she turns to; and when the Omani wants to visit the oldest mosque in the world he has to take the help of a slave trader. The British alchemy enthusiast seeks the formula for the Damascus steel and a Thug is out to avenge his brother’s death.
To add to this is the yet unexplained death of three kings within a week; a recipe for all hell to break loose, as they look for the traitor in their midst. From London to Calcutta and Peshawar to Venice stretches this eventful canvas, skillfully overlaid in history, this novel will leave the readers breathless. Engrossing and engaging, it takes one back into all its rawness of nature, mortals and of unintended consequences.
“Land of Seekers”
By Triveen Nair
Hardcover | 6x9in | 314 pages | ISBN 9781543740790
Softcover | 6x9in | 314 pages | ISBN 9781543740776
E-Book | 314 pages | ISBN 9781543740783
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About the Author
Triveen Nair hails from Kerala, India. Son of a Railway Officer, travelling has always been part of his life. He left his last assignment as Business Head - Asia, Middle East and Africa to follow his passion in History research. He also Heads SEE – Search for Educational Excellence Foundation, a cause for bringing Innovative Teaching techniques to underprivileged children under 10 worldwide. His wife is an accomplished Interior designer in the Middle East, a daughter who is studying film and communication and a young school-going son. For more information about the author, visit his website at or contact

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