Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Spearfish Falls and Mt. Roosevelt 2017

Hello everyone. I want to start this post with a little note about writing. I've been diligently working on the stand-alone and have recently made some good progress. I was starting to wonder if I should just give it up, but this new progress has rekindled the writing flame. Also, I've been working with my cover artist/formatter to make the interior of the books prettier, the covers more colorful and putting together a new omnibus. The omnibus will include the latest three books, Traces of Grey, Fragments of Grey and Edge of Grey. I'll most definitely make a post about all of this new stuff when it's available.

We recently hiked two easy trails found in the hills - The Mt. Roosevelt trail and the Spearfish Falls trail.  I've included their locations on the map in case you are in this neck of the woods and want to see what we saw. I've also included links to Black Hills Trail Addict where you can find more information on the two trails we hiked and any other trails in the hills.

This first picture was taken from inside the tower. I've also uploaded this picture to Google Maps since they didn't have any others like it.

I'm not sure what kind of plant this is but am currently researching it.

The crazy scary widow-maker!

The Friendship Tower on top of Mt. Roosevelt.

Just one of the expansive views from the trail.

Our second trail of the day was late in the afternoon so the light wasn't the best. Still I found a few places I was able to snap pictures and have them be good enough, in my opinion, to share and show off.

My phone offers a panorama option and I've been playing with it every chance I get. Here is a panorama of the falls along with some orange construction fencing. 

Part of the trail with some of the straightest trees I've ever seen.

Another shot of the falls.

One of the few orchids found in our area. Yellow lady slippers. I was introduced to these beauties when I was thirteen-years-old and a tour guide at a cave. The owner of the cave and land was so proud of them. He didn't point them out to very many people because they don't survive being transplanted and, according to him, are quite delicate. He knew of only a couple plants in the entire canyon. I worked at that cave every summer for many years and always kept my eye out for the lady slippers. It was quite the treat to find another spot in the hills where they grow.

And this... Possible field of death. I didn't get too close to the beautiful white flowering plants to be sure of an identification, but these could easily be water hemlock. We have several plants that look similar to this and not all of them are deadly, but I prefer to be cautious. The purple flowers on the bottom right are Dame's Rocket and smell wonderful!


  1. Pretty falls. Nice place to cool off. Cooling off would be nice down here. I hate Florida in July/August. Ack

    1. We've been hitting the high 90's and low 100's around here the past week. If it continues I'll have to make another trip up to the falls for the cooling mist.


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