Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Animals and Babies Growing Up

Those of you who follow me regularly should already know we keep chickens, ducks, and geese. We've also decided to keep rabbits. We've been talking about it for a couple of years, but just haven't had the money to get started. This year we were offered a female for free and took it as a sign. We went ahead with the rest of the plan.

Also, those of you who follow me regularly might know that we buy chickens every year for the purpose of filling our freezer and that is also the purpose of the rabbits. They are stinking adorable, soft, and sweet. Currently we only have two rabbits, a male and a female. We are also keeping them in the house until we can build an area into the chicken coop that will allow them some protection from the birds. I do not trust those birds. I'm afraid they will peck at the rabbits if they have easy access to them.

The white one is the little girl and the brown/gray one is the little boy. They both have figured out how to open their cages and every once in a while we look down to see a rabbit walking around in our living room.

Not only have we been busy with new rabbits, the kitten we found on our doorstep last August has had kittens of her own. Letting her have kittens was not our intention but she slipped under the radar and went "catting" around a couple months sooner than we'd expected her to. This is a picture of her, Minerva, and her kittens when they are only a few hours old. We ended up with two females and three males. We hope to find homes for the girls (already have two people in line) and may keep and fix the three males.

The baby geese I posted about a while back have grown, and grown, and grown. They are now almost as big as our adult Toulouse goose. You can see them in the first picture, behind the Toulouse, Matilda. Thankfully, they are still docile and don't mind us being around the rest of the flock. Matilda, on the other hand, is a sneaky girl who talks nice and then will reach around to nip at your fingers when you try to feed her grass.  The second picture is one of our new babies who will be kept for eggs. No freezer time for her in the near future. She's a Brahma. The last picture is a closeup of Matilda. Still not sure if she was looking to pose for the camera or looking for the best opportunity to nip at me. Every time I go out and try to make friends I imagine the next day's headlines: Local Resident Dies in Goose Attack.

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