Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Busy Times and Special Finds

We've had a busy couple of weeks. Between homeschooling and work and searching for hidden eggs I haven't found much time, actually - any time, to write. It's sad, but we've still been productive around the homestead.

My oldest attended her junior prom with her best friend and their dates. I don't normally post pictures of my kids online but I love this picture so much I couldn't resist. My daughter is in the black dress. They all had a great time.

 My two younger girls and I have been working hard on learning addition (for the seven-year-old), multiplication (for the nine-year-old), reading different stories and books, and all kinds of other fun things. But, since we can disrupt our schedule in the middle of the day we decided to hunt for the "hidden egg" a local radio station hid on Easter. They release a hint every day until the egg is found. The radio station's last clue was a dead giveaway for us and we drove directly to the hiding spot. As we drove into a parking lot my middle daughter said, "Mom, I bet it's in that bush right there." She was pointing to a little evergreen bush with a nice round hole near the bottom of it. As soon as we were parked my youngest was out of the vehicle and on her way to the bush. She stuck her head near the hole and then reached inside and pulled out a baggie with a yellow plastic Easter egg inside. She said, in a matter-of-fact tone, "Huh. Found it." We giggled all the way back to the vehicle and immediately called my brother. He'd been hunting for it, too.

The prize package was substantial. We won two golfing passes at a local golf course, a party for four at a local bowling alley, a nights stay in at a nice resort in the hills, a brand new iPad (Yay!), and a foosball table! Honestly, those prizes are all very wonderful, but the best part of the whole thing was the hunting. The next best part was the finding. The prizes are just an added bonus.

Those are only some of the things we've been up to lately. The wild asparagus is sprouting and growing tall enough to pick so we went on another hunt. Our haul wasn't worth as much as the Easter egg find, but it was just as rewarding. There's not much else that can compare to fresh, wild asparagus. The season has just begun so I'm sure we'll be getting more, but our first harvest was enough for a meal. The plants are well established so a lot of the spears are much larger than those you find in the grocery store. I thought that meant they'd be woody, but I've since found out that it's the height of the spear, not the diameter, that determines the texture. The diameter is just an indication of the plant's age.

We've also been doing a lot with our animals since it's spring. I'll be making a separate post about them for next week.  I'll have some pictures of the babies. Who doesn't love baby animal pictures? 

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