Wednesday, May 31, 2017

ASPARAGUS and Branding

I know I recently posted about asparagus, but it's THAT time of year. I just love that we've found several patches of wild asparagus on our place. It's so fun to go out and brave the ticks, porcupines, skunk and mud to bring in a bucket full of asparagus.

My middle daughter was in control of the camera this day. This picture is of me and my youngest as we hold hands after a short excursion looking for asparagus.


This is our haul from that pick. Hopefully we can get out again before too long because the spears get too tall.

Also, we were invited to join in on some branding. I've lived in this area my entire life and there are plenty of people who live their lives by raising livestock. Good old fashioned cowboys and cowgirls. I have always lived on the fringe between country girl and city girl. So, though I know what it means to raise livestock and live that kind of life, I've never been involved in much regarding large livestock like cows and horses. When I was presented with the opportunity to become part of the cowboy way, if for only a few hours, I jumped at the chance and was not disappointed.

Some of you will already know what it's like to deal with the large livestock, but the thing that struck me first was how loud those cows and calves are. Especially when you separate them. I know what it means to brand an animal - hot iron burns a brand into them. It seems cruel to some, but it's something that has been going on for ages and I do believe, after watching how these people treat their animals, it's done out of necessity. If there was another, better way, I'm sure it would be utilized.

My youngest, about a month ago, told me, "Mom, one of my life dreams is to ride a white horse." After all the work was done and we'd been fed - one of the best meals of my life, I might add - she got to ride a white horse. After her ride was over she was extremely excited and told me, "Mom! I fulfilled one of my life's dreams! I got to ride a white horse!" That just happens to be one of MY favorite moments of my life. It made me happy to hear her say that - probably even happier than she was. 


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