Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dandelion Jelly

Dandelion Jelly

We made dandelion jelly several years ago. I remembered it didn't set up the way I wanted it and it tasted like honey. I wasn't sure I'd ever make it again because getting rid of the green from the blossoms is a bit time consuming. That was until we walked outside a few days ago and were met with thousands of the sweet little flowers all over the lawn. My middle girl asked if we could make dandelion jelly. I agreed and we picked a bucket full of flowers. Some people worried we were taking all the flowers away from the bees and all the other critters who use them for food. Well, not to worry. We have acres of dandelions, much to my brother's disapproval. And, the area we cleaned out of most of the flowers had even more blooming the next day.

I looked up a recipe online and followed it.  Basically, you pick dandelions, cut the petals from the rest of the plant, make a dandelion tea, then use that tea to make a jelly. I want to give credit to the person whose recipe I used so here is a link to the website if anyone wants to try it:

And here is a picture of the finished product. It didn't set up to the thickness I'd hoped for (for a jelly) so I put it in the fridge. After a couple of days it thickened to the consistency of honey, but nothing more. I'm okay with that because of the taste, however, if I make it again, I'll do a little research to try to figure out why it didn't set up all that great and try to get it right.

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