Monday, October 24, 2016

Resurfacing After a Long Absence

Hello everyone. I've been absent for a long time again. Of course, I have my reasons. Normally, I'd call them excuses, but homeschooling my girls is a legit reason.

I know I started with the homeschooling but I want to deviate back to what I'm doing in my author world that has been sorely neglected lately.

I have a book signing with seven other authors in November. It's at the Piedmont Library on the 12th of November. It begins at 10 AM. I don't know how long it will last, probably for as long as we still have people there to visit with us. I'm excited for this because it's been a long time since I've done a signing. In fact, I believe I've only had one signing in the past two years.

I plan to make another post or two about this signing before the actual date to remind anyone who might want to attend. I have also started an event over on Facebook. You can find it here:

The pertinent information about the signing:

What:    Book Talk and Signing - All the authors have been asked to speak for about five minutes.                     Not sure if we all will have something to say, but we will all be available to visit.

Where:  Piedmont Valley Library
             111 Second Street
              Piedmont, SD

When:  Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Who:    Sandra Brannan - Thriller
             Lynn Fullmer - Children's
             Karen Hall - Mystery
             Jorie Jertson - True Crime/Poetry/Memoir/Historical Fiction
             Mary Nelson Keithahn - Spiritual/Inspirational/Children's
             JC Phelps - Action Adventure
             Dorothy Rosby - Humor
             JE Terrall - Western

Why:    Because!

The rest of this post is for those of you who might care what I'm doing outside of the writing world.

As I said, I pulled my daughters out of public school at the end of the school year last year and started homeschooling them. It wasn't an easy decision but it was the right one. We've been enjoying ourselves and have even bought our very own school uniforms. Blue and pink are our school colors because those are the favorite colors of my two girls. We even have a mascot. If you've been following my personal posts at all you'll know we have ponds on our property. They have fish, frogs, turtles, and crawdads. My eight-year-old chose our mascot as the crawdad and, though we have no real team for anything, we've decided to call ourselves the Murky Water Crawdads. All the idea of my eight-year-old.

I've never wanted to be a teacher. I believe it's a thankless job with major frustrations and I know I wouldn't enjoy it. That's if I was teaching other people's children and having to deal with the bureaucracy and parents. It's completely different teaching my own children. I'm thoroughly enjoying watching them and helping them learn. The way their eyes light up when I've explained something well enough so they understand it for the first time is amazing.

I pulled them out about a month before their Kindergarten and second grade years were complete so we started from the beginning and have been trying hard to stay caught up and haven't set an exact schedule other than work, work, work, as much as possible without getting too grouchy. This schedule doesn't lend itself well to writing so I've been fairly stagnant on that end. I do find a little time late at night to do a little writing, but that's all I've done, a little.

However, I am able to work with my hands while I help my girls and have been crocheting like a mad woman. I've completed several projects and will share pictures with you.

A friend tempted me with a video tutorial for a chicken potholder. Yep. It's a chicken. I couldn't find any solid red yarn so her comb looks more like a funky bonnet.

I crocheted two tank tops and one sweater for my girls. I've since bought shirts to go under them, but took the pictures before I did that.  I also made matching wristers and boot cuffs for all three but the sweater took more yarn so I made matching scarves for the two tank tops, only. Sorry, no pictures of those.

I'm currently trying to knit (not crochet) a blanket for my husband for Christmas. I don't know if I'll finish it in time. I'm fairly fast at crochet, but not very fast or good at the knitting. Practice makes perfect, right?


  1. Go, Murky Water Crawdads!

    So cool you're able to home school. They will be better off.

    Wish I could make your signing. The town of Piedmont looks like a metropolis. My dad lived in Rapid City for a spell. (He couldn't take the cold and moved back. I guess the child support folks could find the bastard up there too.)

    (I wonder if my butt could take my Goldwing saddle for a trip to Piedmont?)

  2. I love the name she came up with - Murky Water Crawdads.

    I agree that they will be better off. I'm finding out that a lot of people homeschool and I've had numerous offers of help and encouragement. I'm definitely not sorry I'm doing it, just a little concerned of my personal skills with teaching them. Comments like yours and so many others on my Facebook and in private life are very encouraging and give me hope I'm not hurting them by pulling them from the public school system. I'm not convinced I can teach them as well as the teachers can, but I do know that they get personalized attention and there are so many resources out there for me if I need help, too. So, I am convinced I can find a way to get them an education as good or better than what the public schools can offer.

    I wish you could make the signing too. Not so sure you'd want to try that ride in the winter time, but any other time I'm certain your butt could take it. Goldwings are supposed to be ultra comfortable. If you didn't try to make it in one day I'm sure you'd be just fine. Traffic always sees a surge in the summer, but August is the busiest month.

    If you are ever able to make it up this way, let me know! I have a friend who recently moved down to Florida and I've been threatening to come camp in his yard. But, I know the odds of me getting down your way are pretty low so I'll have to rely on your buns of steel to make it up here to see me.

  3. I really enjoyed this series and check constantly to see if you've written anything new. Thanks for the update!

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely be posting about anything new on my blog when I have something to share.

  4. Thanks for the update. I stumbled upon your series late summer and just completed the series over Thanksgiving week! It is fantastic and decided to check our your blog to see if you've gotten anything brewing. I love Rapid City - i've got family that owns an architecture firm in the city and have loved the feel out there.

    Good luck with homeschooling & crocheting.

    1. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the books! I like Rapid City, too. It's neat to talk to someone who knows my "neck of the woods." Thank you for the well wishes on the homeschooling and crochet. I enjoy both of them but the homeschooling is definitely where I put most of my efforts. I really love being a much bigger participant in their schooling. That was one thing that was very hard to do with them in public school.


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