Saturday, January 30, 2016

RELEASE DAY - Edge of Grey

Edge of Grey
JC Phelps
Book Six in
The Alexis Stanton Chronicles
e-book version available NOW
paperback version coming SOON

When you take away a woman's soulmate,
you take away her purpose. 

When White is taken from Alex, 

she finds a new purpose. 
Cast aside by her former partners, 
she will hunt down everyone responsible 
for her loss and 
Make. Them. Pay. 

Harder… darker… at the edge of sanity. 

But still the world’s most notorious assassin. 
Penumbra will have her reckoning. 


  1. Congratulations. You should be proud.

    I'm enjoying.

  2. I stayed up all night and finished the book. EXCELENT, but all your books were great.

  3. Loved the entire series. I reread as a new book gets released. This last one seemed to finish the grey story. Are you done with grey or is she just going to start a new chapter with less secrets.

    1. I hope to come back to Alex and the guys at some point. I tried to write this one to give the reader some closure but also I tried to leave it slightly open so I could get back to them someday. Right now I've got a couple other projects I'm working on. When I finish the first one I might go back and spend a little more time with Alex and the colors.

  4. Hi there, just finished the series! Think you'll start them up again? I loved Alex, brown and black!


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