Saturday, January 23, 2016

Seven Days Until Release

When you take away a woman's soulmate, you take away her purpose. 

When White is taken from Alex, she finds a new purpose. 

Cast aside by her former partners, 
she will hunt down everyone responsible for her loss and 
Make. Them. Pay. 

Harder… darker… at the edge of sanity. 

But still the world’s most notorious assassin. 
Penumbra will have her reckoning. 

Seven days and Edge of Grey will be out in ebook format. 
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Chapters 1 - 4

Chapter Five

The next few days felt like Hell. I was stuck in my room partly to avoid Eric and partly because I was sore and needed some time to heal up. Jake did his best to stop in and visit when he could, but the majority of my hours were spent reading.

Chapter Six

I took a break from my Mayhaffy research since I wasn’t making any progress, to further the illusion I’d gone to Chicago. I almost had to book another flight to a different city because some neuroscience convention made it almost impossible to find a hotel room. I’d never check in but the only people who’d know that would be the actual hotel staff or if someone showed up on site to ask.

Chapter Seven

Flying commercial sucked. Not only did I have to arrive early to check my non-existent baggage and go through security, I had to endure catching two connecting flights and some guy trying to make conversation during the flight.

Chapter Eight

When I rolled out of bed, I went directly to my laptop to check my account and found a sizable amount of money had been deposited.

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