Friday, January 29, 2016

LAST Day Before Release - Edge of Grey

When you take away a woman's soulmate, you take away her purpose. 

When White is taken from Alex, she finds a new purpose. 

Cast aside by her former partners, 
she will hunt down everyone responsible for her loss and 
Make. Them. Pay. 

Harder… darker… at the edge of sanity. 

But still the world’s most notorious assassin. 
Penumbra will have her reckoning. 

Today is the last day before Edge of Grey will be out in ebook format. 
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Chapters 1 - 4
Chapters 5 - 8
Chapters 9 - 12
Chapters 13 - 16
Chapters 17 - 20
Chapters 21 - 24
Chapters 25 - 28

Chapter Twenty-Nine

The first observation room I tried was the right one. Brown, Green, and my father were watching through two-way glass. Blue and Black were in the room with Red and Alan. I imagined Black was security and the syringe in Blue’s hand suggested he was acting as the chemist, making Red the interrogator.

Chapter Thirty

I hopped into a cab and made the driver drive around aimlessly for about ten minutes while I thought. Finally, I had him drop me off near my hidden apartment. I wasn’t wearing my hoodie so I hoped no one was watching as I entered my building.

Chapter Thirty-One

I sat at the table for a few minutes before I took Mark’s phone from his pocket and snapped a picture of him with it. 

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