Monday, January 25, 2016

Five Days Until Release - Edge of Grey

When you take away a woman's soulmate, you take away her purpose. 

When White is taken from Alex, she finds a new purpose. 

Cast aside by her former partners, 
she will hunt down everyone responsible for her loss and 
Make. Them. Pay. 

Harder… darker… at the edge of sanity. 

But still the world’s most notorious assassin. 
Penumbra will have her reckoning. 

Five days and Edge of Grey will be out in ebook format. 
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Chapters 1 - 4
Chapters 5 - 8
Chapters 9 - 12

Chapter Thirteen

My apartment remained free of unwanted surveillance devices so I put the bug sweeper away and sat at my table with my laptop open. I considered playing a video game but decided I didn’t want to. I even opened up my e-reader app and chose a book to read before I shut that down. Instead, I opened up my bank’s online program to check my account. The transfer wasn’t there, but I didn’t expect it to be.

Chapter Fourteen

Jake drove me away from Mesa in silence. He’d tried to ask me what was going on, but I hadn’t trusted myself to speak.

Chapter Fifteen

My bed was so comfortable. I’d forgotten. 

Chapter Sixteen

I could hear the men talking in the main room of my apartment, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. It was less than two minutes before I decided to make my way to the door to eavesdrop.

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