Monday, March 9, 2015

Thrown Together Chicken Salad

We cheated for dinner and bought a couple store roasted chickens. We like to roast our own but the dang grocery store did not have a single whole chicken. Can you believe that? My dinner plans were already made so we gave in and bought the store chicken. Admittedly, it's not all that bad.  But, we had quite a lot of chicken left so I took it all off the bone, saved the carcasses to boil down tomorrow, and used some of the meat to make chicken salad.

My cousin told me about this chicken salad she made a while back and how she fell in love with it. I tried to contact her on Facebook, but she didn't respond right away and I wanted chicken salad RIGHT NOW.  In her defense she lives in the Central Time Zone and I live in Mountain so it was an hour later in her neck of the woods and she has a real job. I'm sure she was already in bed. I'm still hoping she sends me her recipe so I can try it too.  In the meantime I took a moment to chat with another friend about chicken salad. She's quite the chef, so I took all her suggestions to heart, but didn't have most of the ingredients she suggested - tarragon, pecans or walnuts, raisins or dried cranberries... Sigh...  So I took some of what she said and some of my own imagination and created my own.  It turned out pretty dang good.

As usual, this is an use your imagination recipe.  I did not measure anything so I'll be giving you estimates.


Shredded, cooked chicken (I used about two cups)

Two heaping tablespoons of sour cream

Two heaping tablespoons of mayo

Shredded cheese (I used some leftover shredded cheese from my baked tomatoes experience)

Diced cucumber (I used half of a large cucumber)

Diced green bell pepper (I wish I would have used red or yellow to add color but I used about half a bell pepper)

Diced celery (I used one full stock of celery and would have used the leaves had they been in better condition)

Diced dill pickle (I used two baby kosher dills)

Dried minced onion (This one is hard since I sprinkled them in and didn't get to see a pile to gauge size - probably a tablespoon)


After preparation put it all in a bowl and stir - tah dah!  Done!  It's probably best to let it sit in the refrigerator to allow the flavors to mingle and the dried minced onions to soften some. But, it has quite a lot of crunch with all the other veggies in it.

It's super good all by itself. We (my husband, oldest daughter, and me) all had a couple spoonfuls before I put it in the refrigerator to rest.  I ate the crackers in the picture above and it's great on the crackers and the grapes really added to the experience. I'm really excited to try it on bread for lunch tomorrow.  I'm going to have to eat store bought bread, but I think this would be wonderful on a crusty type of bread or even a bagel. Too bad I'm not a bagel fan.

I'm going to have to start having Ms. Grey cook some of these recipes I'm sharing here. She hasn't been doing much cooking lately.  Though, she recently made some fried rice that didn't turn out all that great. After she made hers I had to try and make my own. Mine, surprisingly, turned out better than hers did.  My family ate every bit of it I made and I didn't get pictures.  I'll have to make it again so I can blog about it.

Additional Information
I've made variations of this recipe since I wrote up this post. My family really loves it and have been devouring each batch almost as soon as I make it.  In my latest batch I added those gorgeous dark purple grapes you see in the above picture.  I just cut them into smallish bits and stirred them in. It adds just a slight sweetness to the salad.  Also, I have yet to eat any of this on bread.  I've been eating it on crackers or just by the spoonful.  Our latest adventure with this salad was to cut some avocado slices and add that as a topper to my cracker and chicken salad.  It's so good and I can't get over how much I'm enjoying this recipe.  Now I'll know what to do with my left over chicken from now on.

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