Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rose Apple Tarts

Here's another one I saw while browsing around on the internet. I thought they were absolutely gorgeous and I had to try them. I've tried many things I've found online and none of them have turned out this pretty. None of them.  Of course, these aren't as pretty as some of the pictures I saw online, but these are something I'd be proud to serve to someone who wouldn't "get" my humorous concoctions.

 Here they are before I baked them.  They were so very simple.


Apples - halved, cored and then thinly sliced

Sugar - about 3 tablespoons

Water - about 3 tablespoons

Cinnamon - about 1 teaspoon

Pie crust


Cut your apples in half (I used three medium sized apples. I don't remember what kind they were but they were similar to Gala apples.  They didn't have the dark, solid red color on the skin. The next batch I'll try will be with the redder apples.)  Cut the cores out of your apples. It's a little harder to get them out of half an apple than a quarter of an apple, but I managed.  Then slice each half into fairly thin slices.

Put the apple slices into a pot and add the sugar, water and cinnamon.  Cook for a couple minutes so the apples become slightly soft.  I added honey to my cooking apples.  You could probably substitute the sugar for honey.

When the apples have softened remove them from the juice and allow them to cool a bit.  This is a good time to roll out your pie dough.  I used pre-made dough I got on sale at the local grocery store but I rolled it out a little thinner than what they wanted me to use.  Then I cut it into strips. I used a pizza cutter and it was easy to get a semi straight line through the dough.

Then all you do is lay out your apple slices along the strip of pie dough. Be sure to overlap half of your apple slice with the next slice.  Do this for the length of the pie dough strip and then roll up.  You'll have a pretty rose like flower. (Yep - that simple.)  I left a little dough on the end that wasn't covered with apple so I could pinch it together with the rest of the dough to make a seal.

What you do next is completely up to you.  I spooned the left over apple water onto my tarts and baked them in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes.  I do believe you'd be better off setting your temperature at 400 degrees and checking them in 15 minutes.  The syrup I added to them made them stick to the paper baking cups. Keep that in mind when you do this. I still haven't worked out how to prevent that.  You could probably add an apple crisp topping, nothing at all, or sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon or honey.  Use your imagination. They were tasty the way I made them, just a bit of a challenge to get out of the paper.

This is what they looked like after they were done baking.

Then I tried something different.  I'm into pie for the crust, so I took some food coloring and colored one side of the pie dough. (I didn't do both sides because I didn't want to stain my cutting board.)  Then I cut out pieces that were similar in shape to the apple slices and layered them onto a strip of dough I'd sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on.  These aren't nearly as pretty as the apple ones and I probably shouldn't have shown these off at all.  But, if this is something you were considering doing, you'll have my experience to help you decide how to go about it (differently).  They were actually a little doughy in the middle.  These I did bake on 400 for about 20 minutes. The one on the bottom right got squished and the top two my oldest daughter sprinkled with cinnamon right before baking.

All in all this was a fun project I did with my five-year-old. She loved making them so much she even proclaimed, "This is the BEST DAY EVER!" when I pulled them out of the oven. That made the day one of the best days ever for me.

I've made these again, but this time I used redder apples, put them on a bottom crust and in a pan and THEN I added a crumble made of brown sugar, oats, butter, and flour on top.  The picture I took before I put the crumble on top is really pretty, but the crumble obscures the pretty roses.  They are currently in the oven as I update this. I will post a finished photo when they come out of the oven if I remember.

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