Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year - 2015


I've been absent since before the holidays.  I apologize, but I will give you my reasons.  When I get close to releasing a book I use all my time to finish, edit, and then promote.  It just so happens that the last two releases have been the beginning of November, so when I finally get myself back to writing mode, it's time for the holidays.

I like to crochet, have tried my hand at knitting, and recently bought some knitting looms.  Because of all this, I like to create at least one gift per family member that I've made.

This year, my girls each got a pair of socks, a pair of slippers, and a hat or scarf. I even crocheted a shrug that was meant for my oldest, but I didn't use the right sized hook so it ended up best fitting my middle daughter. My brothers each got one beanie.  Last year I made them six each.  My poor (or lucky) husband and father didn't get anything homemade this year.

The looms take more time than I'd hoped.  But, I LOVE socks and I've become addicted to loom knitting.  I've found I can spend days in one spot doing nothing but working on my looms.  It's a horrible development.

For some reason, I didn't take pictures of everything I created this year.  I will upload the pictures I do have and include a description of what they are.

This is a crocheted hat and scarf.  I really like the colors and they went together quite quickly.  For me, the faster the better.  I like right now results.
This is the hat and scarf I did on a loom for my middle girl for her birthday.  I'm not happy with the hat and I don't think she is all that happy with the hat, either. She wears the scarf almost every single day, but I haven't seen the hat on her head since she initially tried it on.

This is a scarf I crocheted with some baby blanket yarn.  It is SO soft and the fuzziness of the yarn fills in the holes, making it look like a solid piece.  I made four like this.  Two in these colors and two more with a purple and green yarn.  

This is one of my favorite accomplishments recently.  It's a hat I did on a loom, but it has five owls on it.  I've been aching to post about this project, but it was a Christmas gift and I didn't want to give it away.  There is a neat story that goes with this particular hat.  I needed eyes for the owls, but I didn't have any beads.  I made it for my oldest and her little sister offered up one of her own necklaces for the eyes.  (The necklace was one of those cheap plastic ones, but she still loved it.  Because of the story that goes along with the eyes of the hat, it is, without question, my favorite hat of the year.)

These are the first pair of socks I created on my new sock loom.  They aren't the best, but I really enjoyed making them.  They also were a Christmas gift to my oldest.

This yarn is softer than the other and I like the look of these socks a bit more than the others.  However, they might be a bit thick to be wearing in the summer.  These are the socks I made for my middle girl.  When this picture was taken I only had one done.  The other sock's look is slightly different because of the built in design in the yarn.

This was the second pair of socks I made.  These were made for my youngest.  She tries on everything I make, even if it's too big, then announces how much she loves it.  She's awesome!

This is my most recent creation.  I really like this pattern and had planned on making a pair for myself.  However, I failed to check the size as I was making it and they are too small for me.  My middle girl now has two homemade pairs of socks.

I have lots of other things I've been doing.  I started in on my outline for book #6 and ended up continuing my rewrite of Color Me Grey from White's point of view.  I do have a sample of that up on the blog in my Writing Samples page.  As I was reading my books again, preparing to start into #6, I also read White's point of view again.  I got sidetracked because I really liked the way the different point of view was coming together and had to try and write more.  When I finish #6 I hope to rewrite all the books from different points of view.  I find it a great writing exercise to put myself in the other character's shoes.

I've taken some pictures I want to share with all of you and there have been some changes made to the property.  The state is putting a road through my back yard (depressing as hell) and the great big, old trees in my dad's yard have to go, so I've been documenting it as they remove them.  That's depressing as well.

Since I hope to start keeping up on my blog again, I'm going to save those posts for another day.

For all of you authors who have submitted to my blog in the past few months - I'm sorry if I missed posting about your promotions, but I hope to catch up with all of you real soon.