Friday, October 17, 2014

Update on Book Five of The Alexis Stanton Chronicles #1

Okay!  Yes, I am going to give an update.  At the time of writing this (October 10th) I am working on chapter twenty-one.

Keep in mind, #5 has not been edited and the chapter numbers may change, but I'm getting close to 60,000 words written and I plan on keeping as many of them as possible.

I'm also going to give the first sentence (maybe two) of the first five chapters.

For comparison:

Color Me Grey (Alexis Stanton Series Book 1)

word count: 79443
chapter count: 17

Shades of Grey (Alexis Stanton Series Book 2)
word count: 76304
chapter count: 19

Reflections of Grey (Alexis Stanton Series Book 3)
word count: 66514
chapter count: 15

Traces of Grey (Alexis Stanton Series Book 4)
word count: 63622
chapter count: 17

Current word count: 52279
Current chapter count: 20 finished working on 21

First sentence(s) 

Chapter One
Public execution. That’s what the instructions had specified.

Chapter Two
I got plenty of rest, between actual flight time and layovers, before I landed as close to home as I dared.

Chapter Three
My heart pounded as I registered at the hotel’s front desk.

Chapter Four
The Mesa Security sign above the doors to the lodge fit the scene.

Chapter Five
Jake Jensen was on my mind the entire trip back to the city and invaded my dreams as I slept the day away.


  1. Looking so forward to your next book! I think it's time to read the first four again. Miss spending time with Alex.

    1. I'm so close to being done!

    2. Maybe we can find out how Alexis adapts and overcomes before we find out about the Cross family. I am just as anxious about her as I am about them. I agree with Judy, and great job, J.C.

    3. Thanks, James! I'm working the final chapters right now. I'm getting excited. Releasing a new book is always a mixed bag. I'm worried no one will like the twists and turns, but I'm liking the story so I'm excited to share it.

  2. Just keep offering us hope and we can hold out. July has the right idea!

    1. I'm in talks with my cover artist - and those talks are ABOUT the book. :-D I've still not decided on a title, though.


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