Monday, October 20, 2014

Featured 99¢ Sale - A Week's Worth of Books

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 99¢  (10/15/2014 - 10/21/2014)
When Captain John Maddox and his crew stumble across a colony of lost children, they become the only thing standing between freedom of the solar system and dominance by an artificial intelligence that's out of control.

Attacks against Martian corporate interests within the colonies of the Solar System begin to escalate, leading to the Martian fleet enacting a systematic purge of resistance groups within the Core Worlds who may harbour members of the group calling themselves the 'Children of Earth'.

The crew of the tramp freighter Erstwhile are on the run and soon find themselves drawn into a sequence of events which puts them squarely in the path of a plan to subjugate the people of the Core Worlds, devised and prepared for by the twisted Artificial Intelligence at the heart of the Children of Earth.

With the very freedom of the Core Worlds at stake, Captain Maddox has to deduce the real reason behind the attacks and the AI's desire to return to Earth before it is too late, for both him and the free citizens of the inner worlds.

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 99¢  (10/16/2014 - 10/22/2014)
In the world of Allwyn, humans are almost extinct. A war amongst the gods, mirrored by their progeny led to the downfall of humanity and the banishment of their god. Now, a thousand years later, the remaining humans eke out an existence on the fringes of the vast empire of the dwarves, who have been tasked by their god to oversee them.

In one such settlement, known as the Cradle of the Gods, a young human named Ghile is preparing for his upcoming manhood test and his first Rite of Attrition. The rite is used by the dwarves to seek out humans who show signs of being potential vessels for an insane god’s return. The same rite claimed the life of Ghile’s older brother.

Meanwhile, Almoriz the Sorcerer and his over-confident apprentice, Riff, arrive in Ghile’s village for what seems to be just another of their annual visits. But their arrival triggers a series of events that thrusts Ghile into a prophecy that will mark him as the Stonechosen and unlock in him powers of the gods themselves.

But Ghile is not alone. Others chosen to fulfill the prophecy travel to the Cradle to seek out the new Stonechosen and destroy him.

The time of the Stonechosen has come.

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 99¢  (10/17/2014 - 10/23/2014)
Can Dexter and Karen save the beautiful Christina and her brother from the jaws of a living nightmare far more terrible than anything Dexter's own fevered dreams could produce?

A year after meeting the enigmatic Christina Radaluc during his investigation into the so-called Vampire Murders in Romania, investigative journalist Alan Dexter finds himself beset by a recurring nightmare. He believes Christina is in trouble, and calling for his help.

Dexter enlists the help of his friend and fellow journalist Karen Bailey, who agrees to travel to Romania with him to assist in his quest to find and solve the mystery of Christina's appearance in his nightmares. They soon discover that Christina's brother, a local police officer, has also been missing for months.

Their journey in cold, mountainous Transylvania takes them far beyond the realms of the believable, as the intrepid pair enters a dark world of long-forgotten practices and fear-filled corridors. Do vampires really exist?

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99¢  (10/19/2014 - 10/25/2014)
Six friends stand alone against the combined Orders of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, protecting a girl whose forbidden abilities have condemned her to death. Now they are joined by a man who was once the Curse, the Church's most powerful weapon and Ria's greatest threat.

Left with no name and no memory, the decision to aid this stranger will cost friendships and more as the group of friends journey north to seek a tribe of people lost to time amid an ancient war. The path home is riddled with dangers as the Church of Four Orders still seeks Ria and the former Water Priestess Nirine. For one High Priest, the desire for vengeance is personal.

Ria must unravel the mysteries of her power to find acceptance in a world where her abilities are considered a taint. Is the strange gift of magic an aberration that should be destroyed or something far more, related to the skills held by the Elementals who rule Myrrah?

The sequel to Born of Water, Rule of Fire is the second book in the epic fantasy trilogy, the Rise of the Fifth Order. Return to the world of Myrrah ruled by the Church of Four Orders.

99¢  (10/19/2014 - 10/25/2014)
In Aspen Falls, danger is brewing. Todd, a 20-something guitarist with a troubled past, comes across a new drug called 'Ash' which is told to have mind-blowing effects. After declining the offer from a mysterious old man, he soon realizes the devastating and terrifying side-effects of the substance.

Along with his brother Mitch, Todd is pulled into a desperate race against time and overwhelming odds. Is there a cure and will they be able to save the people they love the most? Or even themselves?

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