Monday, October 13, 2014

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When Adam and Isobel find themselves pursued by faceless, unknown men, 
they have two choices: to run, or to turn and fight for their lives.

Imagine a world where media companies hack into personal communications 
at will, in search of their next headline. A world of politicians lining 
their pockets with falsified expense claims, and crooked practices 
operating within the police force. Where government contracts can be 
bought and sold by those that have the Prime Minister's ear, and where 
banks and corporations make millions at the expense of the man in the 

A Plague of Dissent is a story of greed and corruption, in which riots 
and civil unrest are turning the country upside down and a small group 
of men are attempting to use this spreading anarchy to further their own 

Adam, along with his girlfriend Isobel and his brother Dan, find 
themselves dragged into this nightmare scenario. They are pursued by 
faceless men who believe they are party to information that could 
compromise their mission. They soon realize they have two choices: to 
run, or to turn and fight for their lives.


Even though Connie, Sadie, Jenny and Lucy have completely different
personalities, they agree on one thing. When they decide to start their 
own dating agency, it will be for divorcees only.

Frustrated that they may never find Mr. Right, the thirty-something, 
divorced women decide to lift themselves up, shake off the anger and set 
up an online dating agency with a difference.

But will this be the answer to their problems, or the beginning of a 
whole lot more?

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