Thursday, September 18, 2014

Giveaway - The Glen

The Glen
Carla Coon

was $2.99
9/19/14 & 9/20/14

Jackson, a savant 6 year old boy suffers catalepsy, and his mother, Clarice fears he sees the same demons that haunted her past. The family relocates to Ithaca, NY, where with Clarice discovers THE GLEN. At the same time the boy becomes the target of a satanic cult. But will discovering why Jackson needs THE GLEN prove as perilous as delivering him to it?
Written In the vein of THE OMEN with an apocalyptic twist. Clean writing fee of foul language or sex.
Fans of The Omen, The Lord of the World and the metaphysical thrillers of Charles Williams will appreciate Coon’s supernatural horror novel The Glen. Coon shares with Stephen King the ability to make the reader care about characters as she spins a tale of upcoming apocalypse out of the Judeo-Christian messianic belief. Set in present-day upstate New York, the novel chronicles the beginning of the End Times as it tells the story of Clarice Miller and her savant six year old son Jackson. Classic good versus evil and the first in The Glen Series.
   growing  - 
    and unseen  -
Waiting for him.
    Waiting for us...
          The Glen.

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