Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Featured Book = Three Stories One Middle East

Three Stories One Middle East
Nader Habibi


This novel consists of three interconnected stories that take place in Bahrain, Israel, Palestine, Pakistan and the United States during June and July of 2001.
A young American girl named Sarah suddenly goes missing and simultaneously a girl of same age in Pakistan claims to be her. 
An Israeli Intelligence officer learns a dark and unsettling secret about his true identity and ethnic origin that turns his life upside down in the middle of 2001 Palestinian uprising. 
The crown prince of a small oil kingdom comes under the intellectual influence of a university professor. He challenges the foreign policy decisions of his father and puts his political future at risk.
The lead characters of these three stories come into contact with each other as their lives are influenced by the the complex geopolitical conditions of the Middle East in the summer of 2001. 
Nader Habibi is an economist and teaches political economy of the Middle East in Brandeis University. Three Stories One Middle East is his second novel. In 2003 he published Atul's Quest.

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