Friday, August 22, 2014

Fun Friday - Central States Fair 2014 and Huey Lewis & The News

I haven't made a personal post for a while, though I've saved every Friday just for that. It's time.

I try to schedule posts when I have time, so I'm writing this almost a week before it will go live.

I want to let everyone know what I've been doing lately.

First, know I have been writing. I mentioned I write my posts in advance. What does that mean? Well, that means, I'm hoping to have more written on #5 before this post goes live.

I'm currently writing chapter fifteen and I have three chapters waiting in the background for inclusion after I get to that point in the story. I'm getting close to finishing this book!  When I get closer I'll probably start posting the first sentence of each chapter like I did with Traces of Grey.  Maybe while I'm editing.

Now that I've updated you on how the writing is going I'm going to tell you about the Central State's Fair.

We usually take the kids once or twice. I get a gyro, some funnel cake, and we check out the chickens, and let the kids go on some rides.  

This year we did it a little differently. 

Huey Lewis & The News were scheduled to play and my brothers really wanted to go to that concert.  The tickets were only $34, but tickets to the full nine days of concerts, rodeos, supercross, and demolition derby were only $45.  We bought the season passes.

As I write this, the fair is ongoing, so I won't be able to report on all the events. Plus, we will be missing Chris Young tonight. My oldest will be starting high school this year and we have a meeting this evening at the same time we should be getting to the fair for the concert.  So - no go for Chris Young.

However, we have seen the Supercross!  I've never seen it live and it was great!

Another first for me - The Demolition Derby

I've decided I'd love to drive a car in a demolition derby. I don't have the skill, but I think it would be great fun!

The two above events occurred on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday we were treated to Billy Currington as the main act and Chancy Williams & the Younger Brothers Band for the opening act.  It was a great show!  However, I didn't have my telephoto lens, so my pictures are a little too far away.

Last night (remember - I write my posts in advance and they go live later) - Monday night was AMAZING!  We got to see Huey Lewis & The News!  I've always liked their music but have never seen them live before.  They are phenomenal musicians.  Any band that can sound as good or better live than in the studio have my vote.  Huey Lewis & The News are one of those bands!

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