Thursday, August 7, 2014

Featured Book - Vengeance of Shadows

Vengeance of Shadows
Darren Lewis


It has been four years since a war between man and dragonkind was averted.

Ellie and her dragon Cole journeyed to the far reaches of our past to prevent it, and could not return home. In the present day, an Ellie exists that never encountered the dragons, but she somehow harbors the memories of them. Ellie's life has become as normal as it can, for a girl who visits the home of talking rabbits.

But a darkness has been woken in the village. Bitter memories of the past and a thirst for vengeance upon the guilty thrusts Ellie onto the path of danger, and the road to the past where answers lie in wait.

Ellie alone must stand against the darkness that would consume all, and overcome it. To accept her fate may lose her everything. To stand against it may cost her everything. The shadows will not be satisfied until she is punished for what she did.

Vengeance of Shadows is Book 1 in the Baiulus Series.

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