Thursday, August 28, 2014

Featured 99¢ Sale - Four Books for the Weekend

Last week I listed a group of three books right before the weekend.
This week I have a list of four books for your weekend reading.

Pouring the Cup
Elizabeth Love

August 22nd - 28th, 2014


As a child, Axandra runs away from her home and her parents to avoid a destiny she has no wish to inherit, ruling as the matriarch of an entire world.

Despite her desire to remain concealed and unknown, she is also cursed with another family legacy, hosting a powerful entity known only as the Goddess. Upon her mother's death, the entity seeks out its new host, and Axandra finds herself forced to reclaim her title and resume an all but forgotten life. 

This work combines science fiction and romance into a thought-provoking narrative with heart-felt affection. You'll fall in love with these characters.

The Melting Dead
Doug Lamoreux

August 23rd - 29th


These aren't your daddy's zombies. Everything they grab hold of burns. Everyone they touch dies. Everything they kill comes back from the dead.

They are The Melting Dead, the new horror novel from the dark mind of Doug Lamoreux wherein Angela Roskowic, a Chicago theatrical director and fanatical horror movie fan, and Professor Paul Rigas, a vacationing geologist, along with a crazy group of innocent and not so innocent characters are trapped on a secluded Mississippi River island, infested with blood-thirsty incendiary monsters, humans transformed by cosmic radiation, in this B-movie between book covers. A roller-coaster ride; a tale of terror to burst your heart with fear and make your sides ache with laughter. 

And, as a BONUS for horror fans and those who celebrate Halloween 24/7/365, woven throughout the prose are references to over 600 horror, science fiction and fantasy films. Relish the novel, fight the fear and find them all - if you dare. 

Billie Langford

August 24th - 30th, 2014


Iris is an Egyptology grad student who is torn between two men, while trying to figure out a mystery surrounding ancient artifacts that have been haunting her dreams.

Iris Maddox's life revolves around securing her career. Smart, beautiful, and funny, people like her, but she keeps everyone at an arm's length. Everything changes when an ancient ring triggers a vision that sends her life into a tailspin. Is it the symptom of a breakdown, or something more? 

Confused and lonely, she takes comfort in her colleague, Rob Marshall. Then, while visiting her brother Jason in New York, she catches the eye of his friend and benefactor, John Hale, and he's not subtle with his interest. 

Only Twelve Days
Eileen Thornton

August 25th - 31st, 2014


This heart-warming story is set in a time when computers and mobile phones were still in their infancy...

It is almost Christmas – one of the most wonderful times of the year. Nearly everyone is eagerly looking forward to spending the festive season with their loved ones. Children see it as a magical time. A time when wishes come true and longed-for gifts miraculously appear under the Christmas tree. 

But what about those who are facing Christmas alone? When Christmas means nothing more to them than working from home, rather than the office or the college? 

Bill and Sally are two such people. Both are shy and rather lonely; both left behind when the rest of the country was caught up in the changes of the swinging sixties. Will they avoid the holiday season as they usually do, and spend it alone? Or this year, just for a change, will Christmas catch up with them? 

Though this story is set during the run up to Christmas, it is a tender love story to be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Featured 99¢ Sale - Wuthering Frights

Wuthering Frights
Tony Lewis

August 21st - 27th, 2014


Grendle the Shopkeeper has disappeared, and it's up to Ollie's crew to find him before it's too late!

Narrowly missing a wandering splat of ectoplasm, or Bernard as he was more commonly known, with a deft side step, Ronnie entered the shop to the clanging of the little silver bell that hung over the door. His brow furrowed as he absently scratched his cheek. Grendle always came out after the tolling of the first bell. Always. 

Where was Grendle the shopkeeper? 

Later on, the local press are interviewing the Skullenian residents after an incident at the fountain whilst Noah and Gertie, a happy young couple, discover a dismembered corpse whilst taking a romantic, moonlit stroll through the cemetery. Are the strange events linked? Is anything else going to happen? Can I write any more of this nonsense without giving the game away? 

Someone's going to have find out what's going on and in Skullenia that can only mean one thing. That's right! Ollie and the boys have another puzzle to solve. Do they unravel this mystery? Can they avoid the carnivorous attentions of Noggin, a rather special cat? And will Professor Crumble ever invent anything useful? 

Wuthering Frights is the third novel in The Skullenia Series. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Featured 99¢ Sale - The Cartographer

The Cartographer
Craig Gaydas

August 20th - 26th, 2014


While exploring a cave in a remote section of Carlsbad, New Mexico, 16-year-old Nathan stumbles upon someone unexpected - The Explorer's League Science Officer Satou.

Equally surprised when Nathan breaks through a security barrier inside the cave, Satou does the only thing he can and abducts the human interloper. 

This action sets forth a chain of events that will forever change the balance of the universe. Nathan is introduced to the Consortium, an intergalactic league comprised of explorers, science teams, soldiers and diplomats. He discovers the Universal Map, an ancient artifact which has been locked away long ago by a person simply called “The Cartographer.” After accidentally unlocking it, Nathan unknowingly begins a chain of events which will threaten to tear at the very fabric of the universe. With the assistance of the Explorer’s League, can Nathan stop the war before it reaches Earth and threatens everything he holds dear? 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Featured 99¢ Sale - Remains of a Local Girl

Remains of a Local Girl
Guy Bailey
August 19th - 25th, 2014


City girl Kate Harrington is over the party life, but has no idea what to do next. Then her world is upheaved, when a cold case murder investigation is reignited.

Human remains in the forest and a dear friend suspected of a violent past are one set of problems she suddenly faces. Romantic feelings for a hick town cop are another. Beneath all this is the matter of having to face her original problem - the issue of self-worth. 

Rainy Day Romance Book 1: ‘Remains of a Local Girl’
Recommended for adults 18+, sex scenes and occasional profanity.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fun Friday - Central States Fair 2014 and Huey Lewis & The News

I haven't made a personal post for a while, though I've saved every Friday just for that. It's time.

I try to schedule posts when I have time, so I'm writing this almost a week before it will go live.

I want to let everyone know what I've been doing lately.

First, know I have been writing. I mentioned I write my posts in advance. What does that mean? Well, that means, I'm hoping to have more written on #5 before this post goes live.

I'm currently writing chapter fifteen and I have three chapters waiting in the background for inclusion after I get to that point in the story. I'm getting close to finishing this book!  When I get closer I'll probably start posting the first sentence of each chapter like I did with Traces of Grey.  Maybe while I'm editing.

Now that I've updated you on how the writing is going I'm going to tell you about the Central State's Fair.

We usually take the kids once or twice. I get a gyro, some funnel cake, and we check out the chickens, and let the kids go on some rides.  

This year we did it a little differently. 

Huey Lewis & The News were scheduled to play and my brothers really wanted to go to that concert.  The tickets were only $34, but tickets to the full nine days of concerts, rodeos, supercross, and demolition derby were only $45.  We bought the season passes.

As I write this, the fair is ongoing, so I won't be able to report on all the events. Plus, we will be missing Chris Young tonight. My oldest will be starting high school this year and we have a meeting this evening at the same time we should be getting to the fair for the concert.  So - no go for Chris Young.

However, we have seen the Supercross!  I've never seen it live and it was great!

Another first for me - The Demolition Derby

I've decided I'd love to drive a car in a demolition derby. I don't have the skill, but I think it would be great fun!

The two above events occurred on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday we were treated to Billy Currington as the main act and Chancy Williams & the Younger Brothers Band for the opening act.  It was a great show!  However, I didn't have my telephoto lens, so my pictures are a little too far away.

Last night (remember - I write my posts in advance and they go live later) - Monday night was AMAZING!  We got to see Huey Lewis & The News!  I've always liked their music but have never seen them live before.  They are phenomenal musicians.  Any band that can sound as good or better live than in the studio have my vote.  Huey Lewis & The News are one of those bands!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Featured 99¢ Sale - Three Novels for the Weekend

These three novels are on sale over the weekend.  
I prefer to give books their own day, but I've had enough submissions lately that I don't have room for them all before their promotions end.  
I've decided to post these books together so you don't miss a deal you might like and I also am able to list all the books that were submitted to me.

Shaman - The Awakening
VR McCoy

August 15th - 21st, 2014


The nightmares never cease. Since I was a child I’ve struggled to deal with them. Every night there is a different horror. I see the horrors taking shape as if I was there. Then I wake up sweating profusively from these horrific dreams. I use to dream of another world in which I'm running from the strangest creatures. Creatures that only can exist in nightmares, yet they’re all too real to me.

Christian Sands is an FBI agent with a unique ability. When his ViCAP unit takes on another serial killer investigation, they soon find themselves in deeper than they bargained for. The killer seems to be ahead of them at every turn. The search for the mysterious killer takes Christian and his unit from the Crossroads of New Mexico deep into the Navajo Nation.

Shaman - The Awakening is a gripping supernatural thriller, filled with brilliant and in-depth descriptions and shamanistic lore.

When the Words are Spoken
Simone Beaudelaire 

August 16th - 22nd, 2014


Sunshine woman, banishing night
From all around you,
Shine your glorious smile
On this one dark soul.

With those lines, Dr. Michael Burke attempted to express his years' long adoration for his colleague and former student, Sheridan Murphy. 

Not content to be worshiped from afar, Sheridan urges her beloved to turn their unrequited passion into a blazing romance. 

But will their love be able to survive the secrets each one is keeping from the other, or will their dream of a happily ever after eventually crumble under the weight of their tragic histories? 

Because when the words are spoken, there's no going back. 

Cover art by Tammie Clarke Gibbs. 

First runner up in the Romance of the Year contest at Deep in the Heart Romance.


The Blackstone Vampires Omnibus
Carole Gill

August 18th - 24th, 2014


Compilation of all four volumes of The Blackstone Vampires Series. 

After discovering her savagely murdered family, Rose Baines is plunged into a nightmare of hell. She is incarcerated in two madhouses, after which she is helped to obtain a position as governess at Blackstone House. Located on haunted moorland, nothing is as it seems for the House and its inhabitants have hideous secrets. There is unimaginable horror there, and love too--love that comes at a terrible price. 

Eco, first seen in the previous book, has documented all of the sins he has committed during the course of his immortal life. Trying to get Rose to forgive him, he forces Rose to read his journal by holding her children hostage. 

Vampiric orgies and satanic rites fill the pages of this book. All of the hideous secrets of Blackstone House are revealed. Every evil that Rose Baines was subjected to is closely examined, as are those who committed the worst sins against her. 

After the tragic and sudden death of her groom, Dia, cursed by Dracula as a babe, is taken to his castle. Once there, she is seduced and turned by the count and becomes his fourth bride. The other brides are to be her sisters. All are to love and feed upon one another. Dia’s tale is full of erotic sex and graphic violence. It is a tale of love and lust but mostly of blood, for the blood is everything.