Friday, July 25, 2014

Home Projects and Summer Days

I think I've said this every year I post about my summer activities, but I'm going to say it again.  Summer time is the busiest time of year for us around here.  And, we aren't done yet.

The first thing we did after the girls got out of school was to drive across the state to watch our cousin graduate high school.  It was a wonderful time and I wished I could have stayed longer, but we had to make preparations for our Epic Trip to Virginia.

We had about a week and a half after our graduation trip to prepare for a 4000+ mile long road trip to Virginia and back.  I made three blog posts about that trip.  If you missed them and might be interested you can find them here:  Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

Things were a little less intense after we got home, but only for a little while.  Between the yard cleanup and home improvement, we've kept ourselves busy.  When we got home from our ten day trip, the yard looked like a jungle.  It took me a full week to mow it down so we could find the house again.

My husband, the crafty guy that he is, built onto our back deck a couple of times already this summer.  The girls and I painted the decks because some of the wood was new and some wasn't and I didn't feel like sanding it all down and staining them.

The girls and I were well intentioned about getting out early each morning this summer and walking to our pond.  We managed to do it once so far.  Maybe we'll try again one of these days.  Still, I did get pictures the day we did go traipsing through the field.  The cat enjoyed the walk as much as we did.

We are currently in the business of building a chicken coop.  Our old coop is terrible and we lost some birds because of its shoddy construction.  

We spent all last weekend working on it.  I say we, but in truth, it's been my husband.  About all I've done for the coop was mow a spot for it to go and hand him screws.  That's made for a couple inappropriate jokes between married people.

My wonderfully innovative husband built the coop on its side.  He even got the floor on it.  None of the pictures show that much because I put the camera away and was about to do a little grocery shopping.  As I was about to leave, I noticed all that was left was to set it upright and get a door put into it. The girls and I watched as he pulled it up using my Trailblazer.  I was internally celebrating the almost finished coop until the momentum of the building caused it to topple backwards.  The roof broke off.   So, we will be building a coop again this weekend.  Maybe I'll have a finished product to show you next week and maybe I'll have another sob story to present.

Another summer project we've embarked upon has been creating new and interesting popsicles.  This batch was made from pureed strawberries, pureed peaches, and a half and half, powdered sugar, vanilla concoction.  They were pretty tasty.

Of course, the 4th of July is always fun around here.  The community puts on a parade and does all kinds of fun things.  Once again, they shot off the fireworks display on our property.  Though me and my family don't do any of the work, it still gives me a strong sense of pride to be a part of the display in even the tiniest of ways.

We did manage to get ourselves over to Wyoming to see my mother-in-law.  It had been a very long time since we made that drive.  We weren't able to stay long, but our visit was nice.  Hopefully, we'll be making another trip in the near future.

I did mention we've been doing some yard clean up and the like - The next two pictures show the tree in my front yard.  Two of its branches were hanging too close to the ground to allow us to get the lawn mower in to tame the grass.  It's where my girls play most of the time and the last thing we want them to find under the tree is a snake, comfortably coiled up.  (We do have rattle snakes)  So, my husband trimmed off the two low lying branches to the tune of our middle girl crying about her tree.  I know the tree will be better off because those branches were cracked during the October storm that had all that heavy snow.  And today, my daughter has made peace with the fact.  She still loves her tree, though she does mourn for the two lost branches. 

And finally, I am throwing in a picture of my hollyhock.  I planted six of them last year to frame a flower garden I tried to create.  The rest of the little garden was filled with gladiolus.  I think we planted 120 of them.  Around three or four glads popped up last year, but none this year.  At least I got a hollyhock out of it this year.  It's a pretty bugger, too.


  1. Thanks Mac! I'm not overly pleased with the fireworks shots. I forgot my tripod.


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