Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Featured Book - Raiders

Stephan Malone

“A mysterious elite warrior is captured by the inhabitants of Polar City Three.  Resigned to die as a prisoner, her life changes forever.”

Set five hundred years into the future, RAIDERS follows along with Kama, a mysterious elite Chosen woman exiled from her native group as she is captured by her enemy, the Polar City inhabitants to the north. Most of the future-tech in RAIDERS is based upon technologies that are experimental and EXIST, but in the backyard, tinker-happy garage stages as of this writing, May 2014.

Extreme climate changes in the distant future have rendered most of North America uninhabitable. But don't worry, RAIDERS is not preachy or one-sided. The extreme climate simply provides a backdrop to the main storyline as a supporting character on its own.

Whether you are a pious advocate for climate change awareness or a hardened skeptic, I specifically wrote RAIDERS for general audiences and filled it with as much adventure, action and futuristic intrigue as I could.   

I really hope that you enjoy reading Raiders.  Available in Kindle format and print too (coming soon) if you love old-school paper.

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