Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Featured 99¢ Sale - Wherewolf

Tony Lewis

99¢ Sale
July 5th thru July 11th, 2014

Join Ollie and his crew in a hilarious supernatural adventure!

Skullenia seems to be the last place that would need a detective agency. At least that is what Ollie thinks, until Count Jocular commissions him to help resolve a series of unexplained disappearances occurring within his realm. 

Ollie is a half vampire who, following his uncle's death, inherits a detective agency in the undead town of Skullenia. He also inherits his uncle's staff: a zombie who can barely hold himself together (in more ways than one), a reanimate the size of a phonebox with an IQ to match, a mad professor, and their chain smoking friend Ronnie who has the ability to make himself invisible. 

Has Ollie bitten off more than he can chew? With the help of his motley crew and some quite frankly ridiculous characters, Ollie attempts to solve this perplexing mystery. 

If you love books with a healthy dose of humor, don't pass on the Skullenia series from Tony Lewis! Wherewolf is the first novel in the paranormal humor series, and is suitable for all ages. 

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