Monday, July 7, 2014

Featured 99¢ Sale - The Devil's Bed

The Devil's Bed
Doug Lamoreux

99¢ Sale
July 3rd thru July 9th, 2014


What awaits Brandy in... The Devil's Bed?

While touring a ruined castle in the south of France, Brandy Petracus is led to the unhallowed graveyard of Templar Knights executed for practicing Black Magic. Long forgotten by the world, this ancient cemetery is known to the locals as the Devil's Bed, and its occupants do not rest in peace. 

In this fast-paced clash of Good vs. Evil, Brandy soon finds herself the leader of an eclectic group besieged by resurrected Templar knights - craving their blood. Vampirism, madness, dark humor and flashbacks to 14th century Paris tell Brandy's very human story of commitment, trust and sacrifice. 

Before the appearance of these resurrected horrors, Brandy is feeling trapped by life. Her best friend Vicki is horribly murdered with three others near the Templars' graveyard. Angry and overwhelmed by guilt, she finds little comfort in her emotionally detached fiance, who's also Vicki's brother. She fights to come to grips with her loss, her failing relationship and the local authorities' suspicions that she is involved in the murders. Then Brandy's nightmare really begins. The Templars, keeping a seven centuries old covenant, rise from their graves to avenge their executions. Brandy and company are forced to hole up in an ancient chapel and fight for survival. 

Even then, the Devil's Bed has yet to surrender all of its secrets.

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