Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Featured Sale - Mystery and Misadventure

Mystery and Misadventure
M.D. Hall

On sale 
6/13/14 - 6/20/14

Mystery and Misadventure

... is a collection of seven tales of mystery, the supernatural, a sojourn into horror, and unfortunate happenings. 

The tales are introduced by S.P. 

Who is he? Well, he is certainly reliant upon a rather unusual walking stick, but that could apply to many people. He drives an exceptionally well preserved Morris Minor – not so many people drive them, nowadays. He, or something belonging to him, appears in each of the stories – coincidence? I don't think so.

So, to answer the question, he is a fine thread weaving through the pages. Actually, to be frank, that doesn't answer the question at all. At the end of the book you may have a better idea as to who, or what, he is.

One of the stories in this anthology The Door was awarded a prize in a short story competition, which was very nice.

About the Author

Who am I? A lawyer who is married to a much smarter lawyer, with a grown-up daughter who's smarter again than her mum. I have, since September 2013 published, on Amazon: a science fiction novel, Alpha Choice (the first in a trilogy – the second volume is due out this summer, Omega Shift); a first novella, Awakening (in a series, The Journey of Rin)
The final novella will tie-in with the last novel in the trilogy, Infinity's End
It was always my intention to publish several collections of mystery stories, but wait until the trilogy and novella series were complete. However, I caved in to pressure from friends, who wanted to see more of the stories – that's no more than I deserved for letting the first couple circulate. I'm glad I've put them out there at this time as it's fun juggling the trilogy, Rin's adventure's, and the tales told by S.P.

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