Thursday, June 19, 2014

Featured Sale - Mothers and Daughters only 99¢

Mothers and Daughters
Teena M. Stewart

On sale for 99¢ through June


Mothers and daughters. In perhaps no other relationship are our hopes so high, and the dysfunction so disappointing. You feel locked into a hurtful relationship that you must deal with, and it's wearing you down. But Jesus knew the brokenness we would face in the world, even in close places such as family relationships, and still He promised the Counselor would come alongside us. As a daughter who has struggled to maintain a healthy relationship with her mother, author Teena Stewart will help you name your hurts, face the barriers that stand in the way of a healthy relationship, and forgive even the unforgivable. Learn how to cultivate a friendship, communicate more effectively, and become the change you want to see. There is hope for restoration and renewal.

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  1. J C. Thanks for spotlighting Mothers & Daughters. Best wishes, Teena


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