Thursday, May 15, 2014

VR Janis - author info and sneak peek

I want to introduce everyone to author VR Janis, she is a Native American fantasy writer. She writes unique books that blend her culture and language with elves and dragons. She has two series that are published and is preparing the first book of a new series to publish this summer.

Her first series is "The Hidden Magic Trilogy"

This series is a trilogy and it was the beginning of her published career. It blends the Ojibwe language and culture with fantasy. Most of the names of the characters are Ojibwe and they have meaning. It is about a young maidens journey and it may not have began with her finding herself, but by the end she understands more than did before. That is the way it is with all journeys in life and this one is no different. Elves, fairies, dragons, dwarves, and other magical creatures grace the pages and bring the story to another plane. This series is for 9 years and older.

Her second series is "The Light Chronicles"

This is a series about a young elf maiden who loses everything through events caused by others. She has to find the strength to stay true to herself, but as her destiny gets stronger she is finding it hard to find the path that she is suppose to walk. This series has the Lakota Language used for the names and a few phrases through out. Book One is out and Janis is hoping to publish Book 2 by the end of the year.

Her new series is "The Reflection Series" and is the sneak peek. She is getting ready to publish Book 1 by this summer.

This series is dystopian, based after technology and the end of modern times. Here is a few pages of sneak peek of Unique Adaptions - enjoy.

Chapter 1

Waazakone cried out as her arm was yanked. Her foot slipped making her stumble. She was breathing hard trying to keep up with her mother, but she was falling behind. She screamed as she saw a twisted hand reaching out toward her from the darkness.

          Her mother was yelling at her, but it sounded muffled. All she heard was the breathing of the people chasing them.

          Finally her mother’s gasped words reached her ears, “Run faster! Faster! We're almost . . . there.”

          Waazakone cried out again as she felt nails drag along her small arm. She felt herself being pulled back toward the crowd by the hand that seized a hold of her wrist. Her mother yanked her away from the bruising hand.

          She felt as if her arm was going to fall off as she was half dragged, half carried forward. Hands grabbed at her hair, pulling, ripping out handfuls, making her scream again.

          This was the worst birthday ever, and she wished she was four again.

          Her mother shoved her in the back and made her stumble. Waazakone went flying into the air and slammed into the dark water.

          Waazakone woke up gasping and searched around her. She saw her mother open her eyes from her sleeping roll. Waazakone shook her head and her mother closed her eyes again.

          This had been the routine for years now. The dream came less frequent, but when it came she knew sleep was gone for the rest of the night.

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