Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On Our Way To Virginia

When this post makes its debut, my family and I should be on the road to Virginia to meet our brand new grandson and my girls' nephew.  We are all VERY excited for this trip.

This is a huge deal for us all.  The strongest excitement comes from being able to see family we haven't seen for years or haven't met yet.  But, a good deal of excitement comes from the fact that we are going on a road trip bigger and longer than anything we've ever experienced.

My husband was in the Navy, so he's seen much more of the world than the rest of us.  He's excited to show us a little more of the world around us.

My girls have never been much more than four hundred miles from home and are very excited to see the ocean.

I've never lived more than ten miles from where I was born.  I haven't been much farther than four hundred miles from home except the one time my parents took me and my brothers to Disney World when I was fifteen and the one time I moved to Portland, Oregon for six days.  Florida was something wonderful!  I remember seeing the white beaches and asking if it snowed in Florida.  (This was before internet - that's my excuse for such a stupid question.)  Portland was wonderful.  I got to see the ocean and feel sand crabs under my feet, but the move was for the wrong reasons and I came home.

Yes, I'm sheltered.  Yes, I'm very nervous for this trip.  Yes, I'm excited to experience new things in real life instead of in my mind.

The drive will be about three days one way - 1,937 miles.  We are packing serious food, not just munchies.  Since I've never seen much outside of the Midwest I want to take advantage of this trip.  I've talked the hubby into driving a little further south than need be so I can see Mammoth Cave.

I'm a bit of a cave nut and have wanted to see Mammoth Cave since I first found out about it.  I was thirteen-years-old, working as a tour guide at a cave and learning all I could about them.  They fascinate me.  This will the the highlight for me as we drive to our destination.

I plan on taking so many pictures I'll never be able to look at them all.  I'll have my camera, my video camera and my iPad with me.  Maybe I'll find time to post some pictures to my Facebook page while I'm gone.

I plan on meeting up with a reader while I'm there and if anyone else is interested in meeting up with me, I'll post about when and where on my Facebook page when I figure it out.

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