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Eden, Dawn
The Chronicles of Paradise
Book #1
Archer Swift

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Fleeing an Earth inferno, thirty thousand humans landed on a terrifying yet beautiful planet, they named Eden, hoping to find a new start. Ten years later three hundred and sixty-seven survive; staving off the brutal, carnivorous creatures that prey on them, holding out against a formidable humanoid species known, initially, only as them, while facing insidious deceit and betrayal from within their own ranks.

Wrestling through his own inner turmoil; plagued by the galling memories of Earth’s final hurrah, the death of his parents, and awakened feelings for a girl his best friend loves, shy seventeen-year-old Ristan Abel finds himself plunged into a cauldron of turmoil, treachery and treason. In trying to rescue a clan in chaos, he discovers the truth about his mortal enemies, and the human traitor allying with them to exterminate what’s left of mankind. And in the crucible, he finds himself and becomes a reluctant answer to mankind’s predicament.

Welcome to planet Zika, named such by the planet’s native species, the Zikalic. A planet of stunning contrasts—unspeakable wonder and matchless horror—ruled by the monstrous Xakanic. Bent on annihilating the human race, the Head Chief of the Zikalic serves his own twisted agenda: to strengthen his rule over the bejewelled City of Zika.

‘Eden, Dawn’ is the first book in ‘The Chronicles of Paradise’ trilogy.

About the Author

Archer Swift lives in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia. The author of several other books, under various nom de plumes, Archer loves taking his readers into new worlds in which they discover a little more about themselves.

Fascinated by the themes of coming of age, intrepid courage, betrayal and forgiveness, reluctant heroism, and the reverberating emotions of young love and parental loss, Archer Swift plunges his characters into desperate life-and-death struggles for survival. And just when it seems that things cannot possibly get worse, they do. Yet, as in true life, character is born in the furnace of adversary. In the face of insurmountable odds, we find our destiny.

Having worked as a relief-aid worker and family counsellor in several countries, he has an insightful perspective on the base motivations of young and old, the consequences that arise through thoughtless and self-serving choices, and the heroism that often emerges from the least likely of sources.

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