Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Release - Red Clover

Red Clover
Florence Osmund


Imagine feeling like an outsider. Now imagine feeling like an outsider in your own family.

Lee Oliver Winekoop is born into extreme wealth, but despite his near genius IQ, he doesnʾt have the resourcefulness to realize any of its benefits. His motherʾs passive parenting style and frequent absences from their lakefront mansion leave him in the care of nannies as a child even when sheʾs home, making Lee feel unwanted and alone, and his fatherʾs inexplicable contempt toward him only makes matters worse.

When Lee is twenty-six, his motherʾs favorite uncle dies and leaves him a sizable inheritance—an inheritance with some bizarre strings attached. But as soon as he tries to start using it to mold an identity for himself, his world is turned upside-down when he learns shocking family secrets—causing him to rethink who he is and where heʾs going.

Readers will find Leeʾs reinvention of himself on his journey into manhood surprising; the roadblocks he confronts unnerving; and the cast of characters he befriends along the way both heartwarming and amusing.

Red Clover contest (April 30, 2014 deadline):

Florence Osmund invites you to read her latest novel, Red Clover, and submit a photo that portrays one or more aspects of the storyline. The winning entrant will receive a $100 American Express gift card. The rules and how to enter can be found on her website.

About the Author

After more than three decades of working in corporate America, Florence Osmund retired to write novels. She earned her master’s degree from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management while establishing an active career in administrative and human resource management. Since retiring, she has published three novels and is working on a fourth. Her website is dedicated to new and aspiring authors and offers considerable writing advice, book promotion and marketing strategies, and many helpful website links. Osmund currently resides in Chicago where she enjoys all the things that great city has to offer and (of course) reading and writing.

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