Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Featured Book - Money Talks

Money Talks
Edward Marcus


Will Spencer's life as a newspaper reporter has been an ordinary one. Over the years, he's worked on stories about local newsmakers, both rich and poor. He's happily married, but worried about his finances. And he's a little sad about having given up some of his earlier
interests to make more money.

One night, Will Spencer begins the interview of his life. Returning home from a local pub, fueled by the inadvertent combination of beer and pharmaceuticals, he is elated to discover he has brought home with him a most unusual interviewee: the one-hundred dollar bill he won that evening in a darts tournament.

Will can hear the bill talking to him. The bill wants to record the major events in his hundred-dollar life in a book, and Will enthusiastically agrees to help. They work feverishly together, and complete the project in a matter of days. The events making up the bill's life story are in turn touching, funny, poignant, and always deeply meaningful to Will. And no wonder, since as Will's alter ego, Bill's stories and observations reflect Will's own deeply held fears, hopes, and dreams.

Bill's untutored language and innocently curious approach to the world prompt Will to take a fresh look at his own priorities in this clever and thoughtful novel of self-discovery.

About the Author

Edward Marcus lives in the Chicago area with his wife Penny. After receiving his bachelor's and master's degrees from the New England Conservatory in Boston, Ed
taught music, conducted musical groups, and performed as a clarinetist. He has taught music to children and adults, and is a composer of chamber music, symphonies, an opera, and a Broadway-style musical.

Ed has also worked in software development for many years. He has created apps for the iPad, including Speech Ally, a unique phoneme keyboard for stroke and brain injury patients suffering from aphasia.

Ed continues to work as a composer, app and website developer, and enjoys cooking, Scrabble, and chess. He is currently working on his second novel.

Connect with the Author
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Listen to an Excerpt

You can hear a reading of an excerpt from “Money Talks” by the author on YouTube at

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