Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Featured Book - The Legend of Nefarious Gash

The Legend of Nefarious Gash
Taylor Foreman-Niko


Nefarious Gash is a legend, at least in his own mind. Several years after pulling off an impossible heist, Nefarious finds himself in a professional slump. When he is not stealing baubles from nobles, Nefarious languishes in a tavern in the city of Erschelden, hating a world that refuses to accept his brilliance. One night, he gets into a brawl with a nobleman's son. When the nobleman seeks retribution by capturing Nefarious, the thief learns that the nobleman is actually a necromancer, bent on taking over the city. Nefarious escapes the nobleman’s hold, stealing an artifact imperative to the necromancer’s plans. In Nefarious' efforts to evade the necromancer’s forces, he encounters thugs, vampires, assassins, and an immortal hunter of the damned. Ever the optimist, Nefarious manipulates his way through the morass of Erschelden's underbelly in his quest to stay alive and hopefully bag a bit of gold in the process. The Legend of Nefarious Gash begins here.

Inline image 1About the Author

Hello, I am Taylor Foreman-Niko. I was born and raised in southern California before moving to Colorado when I was twelve. I wrote my first book when I was sixteen and I have endeavored to create stories that people will find both exciting and interesting ever since. Though I love writing and reading, I am also a particularly rabid cinephile, as well as a lover of music. When I'm not writing, reading, or watching movies, I act, sing, and play guitar. I also have been known to dance when no one is looking.


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Twitter: TForemanNiko

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