Monday, March 31, 2014

Featured Author - Ignatius Fernandez

Ignatius Fernandez
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THE GOLDEN RULE offers time-tested ideas and techniques that can empower our professional relationships. It is the engaging story - nonfiction that reads like fiction - of a group of professionals who embark on a journey to discover a role model who will inspire them to change the way they act, react and interact. Their search culminates in an encounter with a role model beyond compare - JESUS CHRIST - the supermodel, and not the religious or spiritual leader the world has known. He is an outstanding leader who walks tall, a powerful communicator who touches minds and hearts, and a peerless teacher who influences by example. The life and times of Jesus Christ have been analyzed from many perspectives, but never before from the corporate angle with focus on professional relationships, as in The Golden Rule for Empowering Professional Relationships. Jesus' example stands out not just for our personal lives, but also for our professional conduct. In short, Jesus emerges as the definitive leader in every respect. As we start the monumental journey with the characters in the plot, we will find that the Golden Rule goes beyond being a maxim and becomes the very essence of evaluating our personal and professional lives. We uncover secrets, unlearn past programming and make a paradigm shift in the way we act, react and interact. If we are looking for a book that has the power to transform us, here it is ---THE GOLDEN RULE.

The Heart Has Its Reasons, Looking Back Looking Ahead. What if we could look ahead while still looking back? What if hard-won insight was ours to use when we needed it? This short book puts such possibilities within our reach. In a series of brief articles, the author explains important thoughts in relating to God, oneself and others. These insights, gained with age and experience, nudge us to find a new path. Then the rest of our journey becomes transforming. With God back in the center, others in their rightful place, and we striving harder, our relationships could regain the luster they once had. The heart, the seat of love, looks back to learn lessons and looks ahead in hope. When lessons of the past become sentinels for the future, we gain peace and joy. To attain that state we must learn to open our hearts to God and others. The theme on the heart throbs in the two parts of the book: One, Love yourself and bleed for others; two, Love God above all else. Twenty-two chapters, a Prologue and an Epilogue pump love-loaded blood. Here are some drops from that blood: * Reflections on the year gone by * Does evil serve a purpose? * Does pain heal? * How do we respond to those who offend us? * A crusade for healing * Why do we treat God so badly? The author does not stop at asking questions. In a simple and direct style he answers them - without preaching. Journey with him to look upon a new horizon!

Dear Mr Phelps,

Thank you for offering to list my books on your blog. The information you wanted is given below:

Author: Ignatius Fernandez - for the two books
Publisher: Wolf Creek Press, Oregon, USA - for the two books
Dates of Publication: February 20, 2014 (for the first); January 08, 2014 (for the second)
Genre: Professional Leadership - for the first.
            Christian Spirituality - for the second.
Length: About 62,000 words - 344 pages - for the first
             About 20,000 words- 144 pages - for the second.
Summary: Appears on my website - I am not repeating them here to save you time. The links to Amazon and Kindle are on my site, for the two books. Also prices of the books.
Covers: They also appear on my website.

ISBN: 9781495371752 (THE GOLDEN RULE), 9781494788452 (THE HEART HAS ITS REASONS)
FREE DOWNLOAD of the Kindle version: April 5. (The Heart Has its Reasons)
                                                                   April 9,10,11,12,13. (The Golden Rule)
About the Author
Ignatius Fernandez is a post graduate in chemistry and business management; he also holds a certificate in business English from Cambridge (UK). Senior management professional. Professor of management studies. Corporate trainer for top management. Speaker. Blogger. Author of six books and over sixty articles in professional and religious magazines and Sites. His photograph is attached.

Praise for The Golden Rule: "Ignatius Fernandez has produced a scholarly and absorbing analysis of how JESUS CHRIST'S behavior sets an example, not just for our personal lives, but also for our professional conduct, and gives a compelling and rigorous account of how Jesus was in fact the definitive leader in every respect." Paul Sellers, Director, South India, British Council, London.

Praise for The Heart Has Its Reasons: "The thoughts are of Christian inspiration and stimulating, the language is mellifluous and racy, and the book makes pleasant reading. This is a valuable book that can surely help the interested reader towards betterment of self and society." 
Dr George Kaitholil, Author and Former General Editor of Saint Pauls and Better Yourself Books.
Thank you. God bless.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Featured Book - The Z Contingency

The Z Contingency
W. I. Eganson


What would you do if you knew the zombie apocalypse was coming, and you knew how to stop it?

My debut novel, The Z Contingency, is science-fiction novel featuring government scientists, a shadow government organization, and a virus. Oh, and zombies.

A world-renowned virologist with an uncanny knack for predicting outbreaks of viral hemorrhagic fevers has a terrifying realization that one of these viruses will soon mutate into something that kills its victims, but also moves them about to further spread the virus.

In an attempt to prevent the start of a zombie apocalypse, he needs to create a vaccine before the virus naturally appears, so he needs the help a colleague to help create the very virus he predicted.

Something convinces her to help him in spite of every fiber in her being screaming out against it, but before the two scientists are able to work on the vaccine, the unthinkable happens….

Connect with the Author
Review at Gadget Girl Reviews:

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Featured Book - The Enemy of Mankind

The Enemy of Mankind


Will Humanity Pay the Ultimate Price for One Man's Arrogance? When the Roslin Institute in Scotland cloned Dolly the sheep, the scientific and ethical repercussions were immediate and vast. What would this mean for the field of human cloning? The Enemy of Mankind is a compelling science fiction thriller that explores the consequences of man taking God's role. Dr. Brian Taylor, a famous geneticist, knows more than anyone else about human genetic engineering...but he also lives with a terrible secret. His dedicated students, Monty and Liza, will be drawn into his secret in ways that will impact not only them, but everyone around them. Meanwhile, they are dealing with secrets and moral dilemmas of their own-including a forbidden love that Dr. Taylor's work may be able to solve...but at what cost? With an amazing conclusion that returns humanity to the wellspring of faith for its own salvation, The Enemy of Mankind is a masterful study of human nature, and what happens when humans choose unnatural paths.

About the Author

Suryadevara Ram Mohan Rao is a renowned Indian author of literary fiction who has attained the distinction of having written the largest number of novels in the Telugu dialect. The Enemy of Mankind was one of his masterpieces, introducing science fiction elements into the context of traditional family dynamics. His novels have received tremendous acclaim and have been translated into other local Indian dialects, as well as being selected as the basis for films, television series, and awards. One of his most memorable moments was receiving “Literary Excellence Award” from Dr. Pat Quinn, the Governor of Illinois, in 2009. Mr. Suryadevara currently resides in Hyderabad, India, where he continues to write for his expanding audience.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Featured Book - Money Talks

Money Talks
Edward Marcus


Will Spencer's life as a newspaper reporter has been an ordinary one. Over the years, he's worked on stories about local newsmakers, both rich and poor. He's happily married, but worried about his finances. And he's a little sad about having given up some of his earlier
interests to make more money.

One night, Will Spencer begins the interview of his life. Returning home from a local pub, fueled by the inadvertent combination of beer and pharmaceuticals, he is elated to discover he has brought home with him a most unusual interviewee: the one-hundred dollar bill he won that evening in a darts tournament.

Will can hear the bill talking to him. The bill wants to record the major events in his hundred-dollar life in a book, and Will enthusiastically agrees to help. They work feverishly together, and complete the project in a matter of days. The events making up the bill's life story are in turn touching, funny, poignant, and always deeply meaningful to Will. And no wonder, since as Will's alter ego, Bill's stories and observations reflect Will's own deeply held fears, hopes, and dreams.

Bill's untutored language and innocently curious approach to the world prompt Will to take a fresh look at his own priorities in this clever and thoughtful novel of self-discovery.

About the Author

Edward Marcus lives in the Chicago area with his wife Penny. After receiving his bachelor's and master's degrees from the New England Conservatory in Boston, Ed
taught music, conducted musical groups, and performed as a clarinetist. He has taught music to children and adults, and is a composer of chamber music, symphonies, an opera, and a Broadway-style musical.

Ed has also worked in software development for many years. He has created apps for the iPad, including Speech Ally, a unique phoneme keyboard for stroke and brain injury patients suffering from aphasia.

Ed continues to work as a composer, app and website developer, and enjoys cooking, Scrabble, and chess. He is currently working on his second novel.

Connect with the Author
Contact: and Google+

Listen to an Excerpt

You can hear a reading of an excerpt from “Money Talks” by the author on YouTube at

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Featured Book - The Legend of Nefarious Gash

The Legend of Nefarious Gash
Taylor Foreman-Niko


Nefarious Gash is a legend, at least in his own mind. Several years after pulling off an impossible heist, Nefarious finds himself in a professional slump. When he is not stealing baubles from nobles, Nefarious languishes in a tavern in the city of Erschelden, hating a world that refuses to accept his brilliance. One night, he gets into a brawl with a nobleman's son. When the nobleman seeks retribution by capturing Nefarious, the thief learns that the nobleman is actually a necromancer, bent on taking over the city. Nefarious escapes the nobleman’s hold, stealing an artifact imperative to the necromancer’s plans. In Nefarious' efforts to evade the necromancer’s forces, he encounters thugs, vampires, assassins, and an immortal hunter of the damned. Ever the optimist, Nefarious manipulates his way through the morass of Erschelden's underbelly in his quest to stay alive and hopefully bag a bit of gold in the process. The Legend of Nefarious Gash begins here.

Inline image 1About the Author

Hello, I am Taylor Foreman-Niko. I was born and raised in southern California before moving to Colorado when I was twelve. I wrote my first book when I was sixteen and I have endeavored to create stories that people will find both exciting and interesting ever since. Though I love writing and reading, I am also a particularly rabid cinephile, as well as a lover of music. When I'm not writing, reading, or watching movies, I act, sing, and play guitar. I also have been known to dance when no one is looking.


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Twitter: TForemanNiko

Monday, March 24, 2014

Featured Book - Somewhere Upriver

Somewhere Upriver
Patrick Loafman


“Somewhere Upriver” is a novel  about amphibians and herpetologists; it's about white-man Afros and Bigfoot; it's about the Queets rainforest in Olympic National Park; it's about a puff of medical marijuana; it's about salamander toxins, and how newts and pufferfish and ancient Haitian mythologies are all interwoven to a bearded biologist in the northwest corner of the U.S.
Or something like that.

About the Author
Patrick Loafman is a wildlife biologist, artist and musician, living on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. His fiction and poetry have been published in two chapbooks and over twenty literary journals. He edits The Dandelion Farm Review and his short story collection, A Freckle Shaped like California, is forthcoming.Somewhere Upriver, published by Event Horizon Press is his first novel.

Reviewed by Terence Kuch, author of The Seventh Effect and See/Saw
Somewhere Upriver is a story of the Olympic Mountains of coastal Washington state, of the wildlife and sometimes-wild people who live there. Douglas Mortimer is the young scientist narrator who comes of age joining in the improbable adventures of the man who becomes his mentor, Peter Vernon. Peter is a dedicated naturalist who knows everything about salamanders, and soon the reader does, too. If this sounds like an improbable course for a novel, think of the best-selling books that taught us all we know about whales, great white sharks, elevators, velociraptors, viruses, and seagulls; Somewhere Upriver joins this popular and illustrious crowd.

The novel divides into three distinct parts. First the salamander-search, as the scientists look for new species. Gradually we recognize Peter as the center of the novel, larger than life, a gentle force of nature, a guru and shaman as wild and untamable as the mountains he roams in: a great naïf, innocent of his constant disruption of everything around him.

An incident of apparent poisoning leads to the second and best part of the novel: the trial of Peter Vernon for murder. Peter acts as his own attorney, disrupting the proceedings in as strange and entertaining a trial as you’re likely to encounter since Arlo Guthrie’s, but for much higher stakes. About to be convicted, Peter pulls off a scientific surprise and is freed.

In the last part of Somewhere Upriver , Douglas and Peter stumble across a hidden government installation protected by what has got to be the USA’s most inept FBI agent. The agent takes several people prisoner in a cabin in the forest, but thanks to Douglas’ heroics, the hostages escape.

Wonderful touches fill this novel, especially the imaginative imagery of textures and tactile sensations:

“The morning sky, blanched and anemic, fell to its knees. Wisps of clouds stretched their fingers outside my window as if searching Seattle for the strongest cup of coffee, a jolt of caffeine so the clouds could lift themselves off the city streets and return to the sky where they ought to be.”

and the couple who live underground, cautiously raising a moss-covered periscope to see what’s happening in the world outside.

But Peter Vernon remains the center of this tale: “I get into a little trouble now and then,” Peter says, “but at least you can’t say I’m boring.”

And none of this novel is boring, either: wonderful characters, action, humor, a little sex, and a vivid picture of one of the last American rainforests. It's great testimony that I really cared how the characters fared in the years that followed, as told in the epilogue.

And oh, yeah; I almost forgot the toads. We learn a lot about toads, too!
Connect with the Author
Visit my web page for more about my book, my art and see videos of me playing homemade gourd musical instruments:

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Release - My Mr. Rochester #5

My Mr. Rochester
L.K. Rigel

(Jane Eyre Retold - Serial)


I'm going to preface this post with a statement.
I've read this serial (currently reading #5) and have to say I have enjoyed every minute I've spent with it. This is one I highly recommend.


... the version all classic lovers know was buried behind an era's expectations. ~ KindleObsessed 

The classic Gothic tale set in a future utopia, retold in five episodes.

Episode 1:  In a country founded on biblical principals after the Second War Between the States, orphan Jane survives a harsh boarding school education to become a governess at a remote and beautiful estate.

Though plain and poor and without connections, Jane finds contentment in her new position ~ but a rough, mysterious stranger threatens the tranquility of mind she's fought so hard to achieve.

Episode 2: Jane has no intention of falling in love with Mr. Rochester, but as he draws her out, her attachment to him deepens. Still it's obvious Mr. Rochester prefers the company of a senator's daughter, the beautiful and accomplished Blanche Ingram ~ who seems determined to have Rochester for herself.

Jane tries to avoid Mr. Rochester, but when she saves him from an attack by a crazed servant, she comes perilously close to losing her heart to a man she can never have.

Episode 3: Things get steamy in Episode 3! A gypsy's visit brings out Mr. Rochester's trickster side. The fortune-teller has no charms for Blanche Ingram, but for Jane it's a different story altogether.

After a terrible night when Jane again comes to Rochester's aid, she finds solace and delight in his arms. She's called away to Gateshead where she makes a shocking discovery, but nothing is more astonishing than her homecoming to Thornfield.

Episode 4: Mr. Rochester draws Jane closer, using physical intimacy to strip away her defenses. She finds herself more dependent on him every day ~ but is it love or mere desire that binds them?

Jane feels increasingly overpowered by Rochester's personality and will. When the devastating secret of Thornfield Hall is exposed, she may not be able to save herself.

Episode 5: 
After Mr. Rochester's ghastly betrayal, Jane flees Thornfield and finds a home, career, family, and independence she's always wanted. But when a handsome and righteous young man offers a respectable but loveless marriage, Jane can't forget her former master.

Jane's dreams of Rochester invade her waking hours and drive her back to Thornfield where she finds more than the Hall in ruins. To reclaim the man she loves, she'll have to risk everything she's fought so hard to win.