Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Featured Book - Shadowed

Ken Hughes

He can hear a whisper a block away… and can't remember why.

Paul lives in hiding, struggling to control preternatural senses no secret is safe from, and certain that nobody suspects he exists. And now he must risk everything to protect the family he left and face enemies more ruthless than his worst fears… because the one person who knows what happened, is the one who did it to him.

Author bio:
Ken Hughes dreams of dark alleys and the twenty-seven ways people with different psychic gifts might maneuver around each corner. He grew up on comics and adventures before discovering Steven King and Joss Whedon, and he's written for Mars mission proposals and medical devices, making him an honorary rocket scientist and brain surgeon. Ken has created the Unified Writing Field Theory and the Power Plays guide for characters and readers to manage paranormal abilities.  Don't get him started on puns.

About the Author
Ken Hughes has been living for storytelling since his father first read him The Wind In The Willows, and everything from Stephen King's edge to Hayao Miyazaki's sense of wonder has only fed that fire. He has worked as a technical writer in Los Angeles at positions from medical research to online gaming to mission proposals for a flight to Mars. For more about his stories, songs, and his Unified Writing Field Theory, see www.kenhughesauthor.com.


4.0 out of 5 stars: Enjoyable Read Even With a Few Glitches, by Vicki Baldwin
Shadowed has a very strong plot that keeps moving in a fast and fascinating manner. It creates a suspenseful read that you don't want to put down. Ken Hughes, the author, has added an new twist to his paranormal novel. I am mainly a mystery/suspense reader and found that this novel met all of the requirements. I enjoyed it immensely.
There were a few areas that I became confused with which character Ken was referring to especially when he was changing scenes. I found it necessary to either read back or forward a few sentences before I grasped the flow and was able to figure out which character he was referring to.
I enjoyed reading this book and found it well worth my time. I would highly recommend it for an exciting reading that is suited for a number of genres.

Connect with the Author
Website:  www.kenhughesauthor.com
Twitter:  @TheKenHughes

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