Monday, January 6, 2014

Featured Book - Licen Sepulcher

The Licen Sepulcher
Joshua McNutt


Humanity is thrown unexpectedly into an intergalactic war that has been tearing the universe apart for eons. An intergalactic war for a mysterious object that many alien races have died to protect. 2nd Lieutenant James Masinger is a 22 year old marine officer who after college, has joined up with the newly formed United Galactic Peace Corps. James is sent to the first human colony planet, Topin. While on the planet, he investigates the disappearance of a few of the colonists. The disappearances only multiply as he discovers exactly what is going on in the forests of the large planet.

The discovery sends him on a race to save humanity from a disastrous fate. He must fight through everything the Universe throws at him to stop an evil force from obtaining the ultimate power, Palatnis.

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