Friday, December 13, 2013

Featured Story - The Single Pregnant Woman... A Story of Love and Deception

The Single Pregnant Woman
A Story of Love and Deception
Sayan Chatterjee

    • Length: 47 pages (Contains Real Page Numbers) 
    A mystery woman enters a smalltown frantically searching for her husband who has gone missing. In her quest, she is helped by a young local boy, who slowly realizes that there could be a lot more to the lady than whatets the eye. The stor is all about what the young boy uncovers, which could possible jeopardize the relations between two neighbouring countries...

    About the author 

    Sayan, born in the foothills of Himalayas, moved to the big city in search of a job. Slowly got entangled in the big city lifestyle and forgot to chase his dreams. One afternoon he had that moment where he felt that mediocrity can't be permanent and dreams were his only way out. So to realize his first dream came out his first Crime Thriller series.

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    Twitter : @sayachat1981

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