Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Featured Book - TATS

James S. Hoch


Tattoos ... more than a fashion. Tattoos have become a commonplace fashion statement finding their way onto celebrities, executives as well as soccer moms. Tattoos aren't just for sailors and gangs anymore! Now a deadly weapon in the wrong hands! In TATS, a special ink is deceptively released from a lab turning several teens into psychotic, telepathic killers with ties to rival LA gangs. An unsuspecting dermatologist finds himself in the middle of a gang war that turns deadly with far reaching global implications.

About the Author

Brought up on Thriller, Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, James Hoch has kept all his dark friends chained up inside his imagination only to let them out little by little in his novels and short stories. SynegEbooks is the publisher of his Crimson Pursuit vampire series and his supernatural post-apocalyptic thriller, HECKEL CASEY, is published by Imajin Books. Hoch's short stories have appeared in Horror Zine, SNM Horror magazine, Flash Fiction Anthology 2012 (Pill Hill Press), 69 Flavors of Paranoia, Sanitarium, and SNM Books of Blood V. 

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