Monday, December 23, 2013

Featured Book - A Rough Diamond

A Rough Diamond
Elizabeth Adeniyi

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Sharon’s life was at its fullest or so it seemed. She had one of the best paying jobs, a high flyer; climbing the career ladder at a pace most people could only imagine. Blessed with toys typical of the fast-paced life, state of the art automobiles, jetting from one city to another on vacation, and courted by the most eligible bachelor at work. What more can a girl possibly ask for?
This was Sharon’s life until a sleeping beast from the past rose and dealt her an eternal wound. She lost all that was dear to her and sank in to the lowest ebb of anger and depression. Left alone by family and friends, she turned to the one who has the answers to the questions of life.
A Rough Diamond brought out the frailty of human affections in the face of adversity, Sharon’s emotional battles with God who she held responsible for her woes and her emotional journey from sorrow to immeasurable joy and freedom. It answers certain life questions we asked when faced with a tragedy. Questions such as: Why me? Where were you Lord when it hurts the most? Why do bad things happen to good people?
In this story, we will get to see that death is not the end of human existence, but only a door to eternity.
We will see how a life can be beautifully remolded and transformed by tragedy; how good can spin out of a tragic event and how the human spirit through faith in God can rise above every conceivable challenge of life.
Emotional, gripping and deeply moving, this is a book that will obsess, possess and remain with you forever.
Follow me in this classic piece as I recount the story of Sharon Mathews… 

About the Author 

Elizabeth Adeniyi Lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She is an avid reader and a blogger who love to write about true life stories in a fiction form. She started writing as a teenager by putting down in a notebook the details of her daily experiences and encounters.


  1. Great Book you featured here. I got it during the free promo.Deeply touching and captivating.

  2. Well written. Heartbreaking story with a beautiful end.


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