Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Whatever Wednesday - It's beginning to look a lot like... Thanksgiving

I haven't done a Whatever Wednesday post for a long time and a lot has happened over the past few months.  First of all, I finished writing the fourth book in The Alexis Stanton Chronicles and titled it Traces of Grey.  THEN, I finished editing it in October and it went on sale late Halloween night.
The support I've seen from my readers is amazing and I want to thank you all for hanging in there with me.  

The next thing on my list is Thanksgiving.  We will be having my brothers and dad over this year.  I'm excited to be entertaining, but will definitely notice the change in venue.  I used to make the meal and cart it over to my dad's ever since my mother passed away.  But, now that we have moved into a larger house, I think it would be easier to just have the meal here.

I do have ongoing projects.  Book five is one of them.  I am working on it in the midst of all the holiday cheer.  As I think of Thanksgiving, I'm also trying to get some of my Christmas shopping done, as well as the gifts I will be making this year.  

I'm not all that crafty, but there are a few things I can do.  Crocheting is one of those things.  I'm not all that great with crochet, but I can do simple projects.  I found a cute pattern for hats with flaps and mittens that are fast and easy.  And, I reverse engineered a beanie I crocheted for my brother several years ago.  He still has the hat and loves it, so I thought it would be good to make my brothers a few more.  Plus, some of their friends have expressed interest in beanies of their very own.

Here are all of my projects I've finished in the past two weeks.  I will include links at the bottom of the post to the patterns if anyone is interested in making your own.

I crocheted this hat a while ago from a pattern I ended up not liking.  It made a fairly cute beanie but took more time than I'd hoped and is much too small for an adult sized head.

This is a child's hat with flaps.

These are the matching mittens that go with the above hat.

I'm mixing it up - These are the mittens (child's size) that go with the below hat.

This is child sized hat with flaps and I see there is a stray piece of yarn hanging out.  Funny how I didn't see it until I was looking at the pictures.  (Gotta fix that!)

This is the same pattern as above, but made for an adult with bulky yarn.  The colors aren't showing up the best, but this hat is gray and will go to my husband for Christmas.

Again, adult sized hat made with the bulky yarn.  This is a cream colored bulky yarn and will go to my oldest daughter for Christmas.

A brown adult sized hat made with bulky yarn.  I made the hats that were intended for men with shorter tassels, but I may end up keeping this one for myself.

Now we get into the beanies section.  This hat and the one below are gray and the same basic pattern.  I have done a few things to make them unique.  It might be a little hard to tell the difference, but I know they are there.

This beanie ended up being a bit bigger than the one above.

I used a variegated brown yarn for this hat.  I try to make most of my beanies with men in mind, so the colors will be mostly neutral.

Another beanie made with gray variegated yarn.  I am in the process of making another just like this one.

I made a hooded scarf for my oldest daughter.  It looks a bit strange on the mannequin, but I think my daughter still might like it.

Another way to wear the hooded scarf.

These are the women sized mittens.  I made gray to match the hooded scarf.

Another pair of woman sized mittens in black - also to match the hooded scarf.

Link to the pattern for the hat with flaps:

Link to the pattern for the mittens:

I haven't typed up the reverse engineered beanie pattern yet and I got the hooded scarf pattern from a book.  I'm not sure I'd have the right to repost the pattern.

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