Monday, August 12, 2013

My Neck of the Woods in the Summer

Once summer kicks into full gear around here, it's non-stop.  July brings Independence Day and our family allows the celebratory fireworks to be shot from our place.  We have several acres and our location allows the show to be seen from all over the valley.  It's always a great time and I'm so proud to be a part of the celebration, even in the smallest way.  Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures of the fireworks this year.  My camera battery died after only a few pictures.  I did get a video with my iPad that's not of the best quality and I talk too much.  If you're interested you can find it here.

The Fire Department is setting up and some people showed up early to claim their spots with their lawn chairs.

One of the few shots I managed to get this year before my battery died.

Summer also brings along a lot of beautiful scenery and I'm all for colorful sunsets and sunrises, beautiful moonscapes, awesome cloud formations, and pretty much whatever nature has to offer.

This picture was taken from my driveway.  I'm fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.

Just a small storm in the distance.

A leaf in our little pond.
I'm still practicing my ability to capture the moon.
Fire in the sky?

I love the colors of the scary looking storms.
Then along came August.  The first full week in August brings us the Sturgis Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rally.  It is one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the world.  The small town of Sturgis goes from a population of about 6,000 to up over half a million in some years.  
Screenshot taken from
We get a few friends and family that show up to stay with us every year.  This year they started rolling in on July 15th.
The west side of our driveway Wednesday of the rally.

The east side of our driveway Wednesday of the rally.

We can't have a rally without some kind of excitement.  This year it came in the form of dropping limbs.  I've posted pictures of our trees before because they are so huge and majestic.  I will post again to remind you how big they really are and then I'll post pictures of the little branch that fell on Wednesday of the rally.

I love our trees, but I'm afraid we are going to have to cut them down after the latest.  The branch on the ground in these next pictures just missed the house and the vehicles and thankfully there were no people anywhere nearby.  No matter how beautiful the trees are, they have become a hazard.  If anyone had been under the branch when it fell, they'd no longer be with us.

The branch landed on the deck and we'd already moved it off in this picture.

You can see the damage to the deck and get a feel for the size of the branch.

My husband is 6' 3" and this picture shows  the size of the thickest  part of the branch.

The branch, though small for the tree was the size of a medium sized tree.

School will be starting in two weeks.  How much summer fun can we cram into that time?  I've got two girls that will be in school this year.  My middle baby starts Kindergarten and my oldest will be in 8th grade.  We got our school shopping done yesterday and I'm hoping to find some time to write before everyone goes back and get in some more berry picking and maybe even a short camping trip.

I've been mostly absent this summer and now you know why.  I've received several book submissions I will be scheduling and then I hope to get some pictures of the garden and our bounty.  We had a great year for the garden this year.  I've got 20 tomatoes on my counter right now and we've already eaten more than a dozen and I still have several waiting to be harvested.  I will save all that for another post.

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