Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Featured Book - The Plan

The Plan
Alina B


Jane O’Donnel is a girl from a rich family who tries to prove herself she can make it on her own without her family’s help. An unexpected event turns her world upside down and brings the attractive Dr. Smith in her life. She is being kidnapped. Like it wouldn’t be enough, the terrible event brings with it something she could never be prepared for.

Can Jane find out who is behind all this? Could her father have something to do with it? Will she encounter people who don’t want her to know?

Filled with hard decisions, love, and hard times, The Plan shows how one’s life can suddenly change and never be the same.

About the Author

Originally from Romania, Alina B studied Economics, and since high school she was always interested in psychology. A few months after getting married she moved temporarily with her husband to Australia leaving everything behind and putting other plans on hold. The change seemed to be the right one, since it brought to her enough inspiration and time to write her first manuscript and she took the chance and published her first book. The goal-driven Alina B, plans to be a full time writer as soon as possible and a mother of two when the time is right.

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