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Featured Book - A Murder in Auschwitz

A Murder in Auschwitz

'A Murder in Auschwitz' is the debut novel from JC Stephenson and is available exclusively from Amazon for the Kindle.


An SS officer is found standing over the body of a comrade, a smoking pistol still in his hand, a murder in a place of murders.His pleas of innocence force a court martial and he knows that there is only one man in the camp capable of defending him; a Jewish prisoner called Manfred Meyer.

Manfred Meyer is forced to build a defence for him in his court martial. Drawing on his years of experience as a criminal lawyer in Berlin, Meyer must unravel the deceit and interpret the lies that infect the concentration camp and work to have him found not guilty.

Following Meyer and his family through their lives in Berlin, the Nazi rise to power and their inevitable arrest and incarceration in Auschwitz, Meyer will do almost anything to see his wife and children. Almost anything.

Can his abilities as a lawyer interpret the facts of this seemingly impossible case? As a Jew, should he even defend an SS officer? And is he actually guilty of this crime?

But the officer must be found innocent if Meyer is to see his family again.

This story follows Manfred Meyer, from his beginnings as a lawyer in 1930s Berlin after being taken under the wing of the city's most capable defence lawyer in the most prestigious law firm in Germany, Bauer & Bauer.

Meyer's confidence and experience build as his cases become more complex and more difficult to defend. His success is widespread and he, his wife Klara and their twin daughters live a comfortable life in the capital.

But Germany is changing. The Nazi Party has come to power and Meyer's Jewish heritage has become a crime. Life becomes more and more difficult until even in spite of Meyer's connections he is forced to leave his position as Bauer & Bauer's pre-eminent lawyer.

Then, one night, the inevitable knock at the door heralds the long train journey to the east and the death camps of Poland for Meyer, his wife and his children.

Split from his family on arrival, Meyer does what he can to survive in a place designed for death. He stays alive with help from the other inmates he has befriended, helping each other through the long days of hard labour, his only wish being that he could see his family again. A forlorn hope until circumstance throws a real chance his way.

About the Author

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J.C. Stephenson was born in Scotland and grew up in the town of Livingston in West Lothian. He has worked in the newspaper industry for most of his working life in various roles; as a compositor, a graphic designer and in IT but never as a journalist.
Although 'A Murder in Auschwitz' is J.C. Stephenson's first novel, he has been writing on and off his entire life.
J.C. Stephenson currently lives in Fife with his wife and two children.

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twitter: @JCVStephenson

5***** This was a fantastic book! I love reading the genre focusing on World War II and concentration camps. This was a really unique take on that genre. You got a glimpse of life in a concentration camp, but the focus of the book was so much more than that. What a great historical thriller.

5***** I can't praise this mystery highly enough. The writing, the characterization,
the plot with it's many twists and turns, all are of the highest quality. I
especially liked the author's technique of alternating between Manfred Meyer's
"present" at Auschwitz in early 1944 and his life-line starting from 1930 until
then. One of the best historical thrillers I've read to date.

5***** Having recently visited Auschwitz this book really resonated with me. I felt that the author not only captured the horror and inhumanity of what happened in Auschwitz but also showed the strength of spirit that it took to survive each day.
I read this book in one day; I just couldn't put it down.The characters were believable and the storyline kept me engrossed until the very end. It is one of the best books I have read in a long time.

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