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Featured Book - Dawn of Spears (Legendary Dark Tales)

Dawn of Spears
(Legendary Dark Tales)
J.F. Perez


This story has all the ingredients that aspiring to make it epic: a fratricidal war between five kingdoms, a crazy monarch who yearns to be crowned absolute emperor, a secret mission and a story of impossible love. 

Times are hard and dark for the island Avertaria. His five kingdoms have risen up in arms and a fratricidal war is looming. The king of Niuve, Siüs Gorv, has been killed under mysterious circumstances and left the throne without a direct successor, which has led to a fierce dispute between different lineages from his home.
Meanwhile, the queen of Áglope, Fíbala, was locked up by her stepbrother Hércobe Fyk, supported by the hard core of the nobility, in one of the towers of the Ice Palace after refusing to abdicate in favor of him. In relation to the king of Tantrös, showing a greedy and combative spirit, he has claimed for himself the title of Emperor of Avertaria in his quest for expansion and unbounded domain. Amid this chaos we find the young Goldenor who has to go to the court of the king Kert of Brost to fulfill a secret mission entrusted by his lord. 

Author bio:
Indie and self-published author. Writer of science fiction & fantasy literature, poetry and articles. Blogger and geek. He has graduated as Aeronautical Engineer recently.

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Review by: Simon Purvis on July 09, 2013 :  4 stars
Dawn of Spears by JF Perez Jimenez is an epic fantasy with a difference – it is a short story. It is about an uprising on the Island of Avertaria; an island made up of five different kingdoms. Orobar, King of Tantros is trying to take over the rest of the kingdoms through war and alliances to become the Emperor of Avertaria. King Orobar has already invaded Durtan and is trying to force Duriel, the daughter of the King of Durtan into marrying him. This would help secure Orobar’s attempt to become the Emperor. However, in effort to raise an alliance with the King of Brost and an army to fight against Orobar and his forces, the King of Durtan has sent three of his knights to meet with the King of Brost.
Wow, that was complicated! This short story is certainly epic and told by both the knight, Goldenor and the King of Durtan’s daughter, Duriel. It is split into four parts; two narrated by Goldenor and two by Duriel. It is almost as if they are giving the versions of the events to an inquest or something. With the exception of the last part, each part ends with a cliff hanger where we are uncertain of that if our heroes will see the light of the next day. It is an exciting story that builds the drama up and the stakes are raised as the story goes on. Will Goldenor and Duriel defeat King Orobar in his quest to become the Emperor of Avertaria? You will have to read to find out!

Review by: J.L. Low on July 08, 2013 :  3 stars 
So there was this army. And there was war. And there were dragons and wolves and princesses. And somehow, in the midst of all that, there was a happily ever after. Um... Okay, wait, what? Honestly, for a book this short, it did well. What I would have appreciated was a little conversation. If this was a work written for some one-shot fiction competition, it would have been good. 

Review by: Larry B. Gray on June 17, 2013 :  4 stars
Very interesting book but way to short. When read as a short story it is very well written and enjoyable.

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