Thursday, August 22, 2013

Featured Book - Always a Gentleman

Always a Gentleman
S.D. Amora


Cliff is an extremely handsome young man who is always a gentleman. Virginia Damnum is in her early 50s and works on Wall Street. She has been alone for the last 10 years since her husband died. Virginia's loneliness causes her to venture out to the world of online dating where she meets Cliff. Their passionate relationship becomes complicated when Amy enters the picture. Amy works with Cliff at the publishing firm of Hamilton & Whitebeck in Midtown Manhattan. One evening after having a few drinks with friends from work, Amy and Cliff have a night of romance. After their night of romance, Cliff's life spins out of control as the passion deepens in each relationship and Virginia Damnum is eventually found murdered. Intrigue builds when Cliff discovers that his boss, Gloria Invida, has been watching him at work and used to be friends with Virginia Damnum. Did Cliff kill Virginia? Did Amy do it? Was it someone else? Who murdered Virginia Damnum?

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