Monday, June 24, 2013

Featured Book - Goose Creek

Goose Creek
D.H. Allen


Goose Creek examines the bane of bullying and the intricacies of male friendship, prejudice, and shame. It is a story of small town lives with big town secrets and lies. The setting is rural northern Virginia, one of those massive estates you might pass on a gorgeous country road. You’re right there, among the fine things, lovely horses, and private jets. Goose Creek meanders through the forests and fields.

Everything Dare was to become happened near a small creek in rural Virginia.

Dare first meets James when their worlds are falling apart. Dare is struggling to survive bullying in school and abuse at home. James's wealthy father lies dying in the big house leaving him an orphan in the care of his uber-wealthy grandmother. Together, with a foundling dog, a down-on-her-luck small town prostitute, and an English butler—a gentleman with surprising talents—the young fellows traverse the daunting world of teenage boys to manhood.

Neither youth is aware their friendship dredges up long suppressed secrets. Secrets on such a scale it becomes a deadly game. 

About the Author

D. H. Allen calls himself a young dude trapped in an old nerd's body. A veteran, he enjoys writing, reading historic novels, swashbuckling adventure or fantasy tales, whodunit, gardening, stained glass, and traveling. He carries his camera everywhere and dabbles in amateur photography. Allen loves music, almost all genres, and dances like crazy when no one is looking. What's a movie without popcorn? He cooks without recipes and makes a mean Chesapeake chowder. Allen and his lovely wife of many, many years live in central Virginia in a cottage in the woods. And their little dog too.

After graduating high school from Fauquier County, Virginia it was either work or starve. Completing four years in the U.S. Navy, Allen returned home and was hired as an apprentice graphic designer for the Department of Defense. While working for the government Allen continued with classes and seminars at institutions in and around Washington, D.C. After leaving the government Allen went to work for a bank and worked his way to branch manager. Today Allen lives outside of Charlottesville, Virginia and is employed by one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest travel and tour companies.

Allen blogs about his life and interests in writing, reading, amateur photography, and travel at

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