Friday, April 26, 2013

Reviewers Contest - Meat Camp

Enter if you dare! Bloodthirsty mutants go on a rampage at a camp for troubled teens after an infection spreads. 

MEAT CAMP (by J.T. Warren & Scott Nicholson)

J.T. and I adapted this from my original B-movie horror screenplay. It’s a little different from my usual but hey…

We’re launching at 99 cents through May 1, so grab your copy fast. I’d also be grateful for reviews out of the gate –and if you review by May 1, you are in the drawing for the Hamper Camper giveaway! (Four books and a $25 Amazon gift card.) After reviewing, just email  with “Meat Camp review” in the subject line and you are entered!

Kindle US:
Link to the Amazon store in your non-US country:

Coming soon: AFTER: FIRST LIGHT, a prequel novella for the AFTER series that you will get for free. It also contains some bonus stories by guest writers in the AFTER universe. Audio fans, I have a number of titles on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon now, with more on the way.

I really appreciate your support. You allow me to do what I love and I hope I give back with good stories and the occasional freebies and prizes. If you really want to go the extra mile and help me out, please write a review of any books you enjoyed. I personally don’t care about my “average rating,” but some advertising sites require a 4.0 average before they will accept a book. That means some of my books won’t get promotion to reach new readers—and we need more people in the crazy Nicholson pool. More sales equal more giveaways!

Happy planting season.


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